LAX's new riding practice faces Sunday's traffic test

Travelers traveling through Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX, using ride-share or taxi services should support themselves on Sunday night, airport officials warned.

LAX was expecting nearly 54,000 passengers arriving between 10:00 and 11:00. and midnight – 16.5% more than the 45,000 Saturday night, according to a press release from LAX.

The notice came just days after a new LAX policy was implemented that required ride-on shares and taxis to wait for a new pickup ticket, called the LAX – instead of meeting passengers at the curb. Apostasy on the street is not affected by the new policy.

The press release estimated average waiting times for shuttles to three to five minutes, with a travel time of 1[ads1]0-15 minutes to the party. Application waiting times were reduced from over an hour to a maximum of 15 minutes, according to the airport.

Passengers Frustrated with LAX Ride-Share Lot

[LA]   Passengers Frustrated with LAX Ride-Share Lot

This estimate fluctuated sharply Sunday afternoon and evening, and ranged from about 35 minutes for Uber about 13:30 to 16 minutes at 17:00 Taxis and Lyft enjoyed a significantly shorter estimated wait time, according to an official Twitter account from LAX .

LAX's new system was intended to reduce traffic during the construction of the Automatic People Mover train.

"Sunday is always the busiest weekday for LAX, and it is expected that this first Sunday of LAX-it operations will be no exception. [Los Angeles World Airports] officials are making every effort to make the week's peak as smooth as possible," the press release states

The number of shuttles ferrying passengers to LAX was increased by 15% on Friday to 35 vehicles, and the Sunday forecast explained that additional shuttles and personnel would be on hand to improve waiting times for rides.

On average, there were 13,000 fewer vehicles per day in the Central Terminal area of ​​the airport during the first five days of LAX-it than last week, according to the press release.

LAX reports approximate wait times on LAX-it on Twitter at @flyLAXairport . Parking availability and travel times are reported on Twitter at @FlyLAXstats .

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