Lara Logan, late at CBS, joins Sinclair Broadcasting to cover the US-Mexico border

Lara Logan interviews US soldiers in Camp Victory in Baghdad in November 2006. (Chris Hondros / Getty Images)

Lara Logan, former foreign correspondent CBS News, will join Sinclair Broadcast Group, the nation's largest TV owner stations Logan, who left CBS last year after 16, is perhaps the most famous and skilled journalist employed by Sinclair, a US-based company. The Baltimore area which owns 191 TV stations.

Sinclair said in a statement that Logan will produce two news segments per week that it will distribute to the stations during a 90-day mission. None of the pages has made any commitments beyond the three-month period.

Logan specializes in front-line reporting to many foreign conflicts, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has often had serious personal risks. While reporting on the Arabian Armed Forces at the Kajis Tahrir Square in 2011, she was assaulted and defeated by numerous protesters.

She has won several awards, including the Emmys and duPont Columbia Prizes, for her work at the CBS Evening News "and" 60 Minutes. "

Her one stumble was an erroneous" 60 minute "piece in 2013 on the terrorist attack on a US diplomatic composition in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012; she based the story of an alleged eyewitness to the attacks whose account later turned out to be fabricated. Logan apologized for the story.

Logan refused to confirm that she was in Sinclair when asked several times over the weekend. "I am a journalist and this is what I always want to do and work the same way that all real journalists do, "she said in response to questions about her intentions.

Logan has recently stated in her criticism of the regular news reporting, considering it liberally biased. In February appeared on a podcast of former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland, saying that journalists have become "political activists" and "propagandists" against President Trump, Logan said the interview was like "professional suicide."

Since then, she has doubled her criticism. is out for conservative commentator Mark Levin's program on Fox News on Sunday, and she endorsed the previous "Nightline" host Ted Koppel's latest media criticism, and tells Levin: "I know I'm not the only one to remember the great independent journalism that should look like. I know I'm not the only journalist looking at horror as meaning and pejorative language is rejected as fact. "

Sinclair has a long history of conservative commentary. Its chief political analyst is Boris Epshteyn, a former Trump Administration official, who recently employed three former Fox News characters, including the former" The Five "host Eric Bolling as senior political anchor, commentator Sebastian Gorka and reporter James Rosen.

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