Lamborghini Urus: Review, features, images

We made an "Real Reviews" episode on Urus to see how the world's first "super sports utility vehicle" (SSUV) went into some real-life situations and you can see here how to do it (spoiler alert: It lived up to billing, though my eight-year-old was a hard critic.

The result is that Urus is each a Lamborghini and a worthy, first SSUV. As it turned out, I at least tried out how the 40/60 front-wheel packing distribution adapts to miserable weather, and it adapts wonderfully. I drove Urus in and out of Manhattan in a sloppy snow and ice storm, and in a Huracan I could have been extremely nervous, in Urus I was in command. I can only imagine what this thing is like on gravel roads.

In more favorable conditions, Urus is horrific. It has ample horsepower and ample torque on pressure in any equipment, and even if you don't bump into the legal speed limit ̵[ads1]1; 0-60 mph dash tests in 3.5 seconds or tastes the top speed at 190 mph – you can always do it The Lambo thing, which uses paddle shifters and manual mode, twists rude motor, whistles and whines from V8, while editing this toton leg around at soft speeds.

What it really does, most other SUVs are not inspirational swing trust. I had no doubt diving into a curve and powering out, as the suspension and steering leaned in and the throttle let me swing between braking and acceleration.

We've been running sporty SUVs a-plenty on Business Insider, but Urus is in a new category. It's over-the-top design announcing its Lamborghini ness, and while driving dynamics isn't Huracán-y or Aventadorish, they're pretty freakin 'flashy. If it hadn't been for the elevated driving position and the little more plushes, I could have thought at certain moments that I was in one of those cars.

The three boxes of flat-coated furniture in the load carrier – as well as a passenger on the back seat – were a reminder that I was not.

So what is the end point of Urus?

Well, it must be Lambo, but it must also be sold to people who do not have so much use for a supercar or hypercarrier. Or maybe they do and just want a second Lambo in the driveway. Yes, I know, it's a little ridiculous. But that's why Urus exists.

And I, for one, are glad it does.

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