Kraft pays you $ 20 for not making cheesecake for Christmas

For just a few days this holiday season, a limited number of people will be able to spend $ 20 on dessert and recharge it to Kraft, the owner of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. The premise: People who cannot bake cheesecakes because they cannot find cream cheese can get another baked on Kraft’s crown.

Here’s how it works: People who are interested in the offer can visit a special website set up by Kraft. On 17 and 18 December, up to 18,000 of them will be able to seize the right to a refund for holiday goods. They will be able to send in receipts to the company a few weeks later.

For Kraft, the campaign is a way to reduce the impact of empty cream cheese shelves ̵[ads1]1; and make customers think of Philadelphia cream cheese, without compromising the brand.

Kraft uses the lack of cream cheese as a marketing opportunity.
Cream cheese is the last hard-to-reach grocery item in a year of scarcity. An increase in the demand for cream cheese during the pandemic has made it difficult to keep the shelves in stock, Kraft said.
Last year, with more people baking and eating at home, the demand for cream cheese increased by around 18% compared to 2019. It has remained at the high level in 2021, according to Power (DIFFERENT). Meanwhile, restaurants are also ordering more of the product.
Junior’s Cheesecake, which picks up its cream cheese from Philadelphia, said last week that it has struggled to get enough of the key ingredient, and it has been forced to to occasionally pause cheesecake production, according to the owner. New York City bagel shops have also reportedly struggled to get enough cream cheese.

To keep up with demand, Kraft is pumping funds into its Philadelphia brand, said Basak Oguz, Philadelphia’s marketing director.

“We are investing millions of dollars in Philadelphia cream cheese,” he told CNN Business in an email, adding that the funds will help increase production capacity.

Oguz added that the company has temporarily stopped making “a very limited number” of Philadelphia products so that it can increase production of its more popular goods.

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