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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Attention Kmart Buyers: One of the last Twin Cities stores will close before Christmas, and it's not the only caller leaving St. Paul.

Kmart on Maryland Avenue East will soon end the blue light forever. The St. Paul store closes its doors in mid-December.

"I don't like it closing because it's so close to my house," said shopper Rory Woods.

Kmart buyers fear St. Paul will become a retail desert because of all the stores that have closed or are closing soon.

In January, Sears closed near the capital. One year ago, Herberger's on University Avenue was closed down for good. The closing of Kmart arrives on the heels of Walmart on University Avenue and announces that it will close on September 20. The pharmacy closes a week earlier on September 1[ads1]3.

“This is very convenient because of where I live. Now I have to move on because this closes, "said shopper Jazzmine Williams.

Williams worries about all the affordable retailers leaving the area. She has twins, Larissa and Emerissa, and finding deals for them will be challenging when all the stores are closed.

"I just have to get ready and go somewhere else," Williams said.

St. Paul merchants are already planning which suburb they will now travel to to find affordable retailers.

"I have to go to Walmart in Little Canada or Woodbury or Stillwater, "Woods said.

" Everything is going to be online shopping pretty soon, "Williams added.

Some blame the ending of the popularity of online shopping, but there are still those who prefer to shop in a store. There is no word yet on the remodeling opportunities these closures can provide.

Kmarts owner is also planning to close his store in International Falls, meaning there will only be one K-mart left in Minnesota: The one on Lake Street in Minneapolis.

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