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Kmart manager gives emotional announcement of the store's ending – Trending & Viral News

McMurray, Penn. (UGC) – A shopkeeper who worked in Pennsylvania Kmart for 18 years, nodded when he made his final announcement about the intercom.

Josh Englert was 16 years old when he first started helping shoppers at Kmart.

Last week, he called into the intercom to announce the store's closing and delivered an emotional farewell.

In the mobile phone video that was posted on Facebook, Englert told him that he had spent half of his life for the discount dealer and described his family as a family.

"Attention Kmart shoppers, The time now is 4:25 and your McMurray, Kmart will close for the last time in just five minutes," said Englert. "I wanted to take the opportunity not to sell you 40 cents stained skirts or five cents panties, but instead of thanking you for having a lifetime of memories."

Kmart, once the second largest discount dealer, filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012 and merged with Sears in 2004.

The company has closed stores since.

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