Kmart closes the last two Metro Detroit stores

End of an era: Kmart closes two recent Metro Detroit stores

Posted: 6:17 PM, November 8, 2019

Updated: 2019-11-08 18: 17: 55-05

(WXYZ) – Kmart is part of Americana, and part of Metro Detroit. The last two stores that closed are like losing a family member.

Adult buyers who said they used to ride to the store, or came with their parents and grandparents.

Others talk about how they would buy Christmas presents and leave them on leave.

The end of an era means fewer choices to act.

The lapse of retailers is not limited to Kmart. You can't try clothes and shoes with online shopping.

The Waterford store is due to close in February. The store in Warren in January. That store is just around the corner from the old Hazel Park track, which ironically is now an Amazon distribution center.

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