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King Soopers is temporarily closing its southeast Colorado Springs store after possible traces of asbestos

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)– King Soopers has announced it is temporarily closing the store at the intersection of South Academy Boulevard and the Hancock Expressway “out of an abundance of caution,” according to a statement released Tuesday.

King Soopers is temporarily closing its southeast Colorado Springs store after possible traces of asbestos

The store is undergoing an interior renovation, where the grocery chain stated that the possible presence of asbestos was indicated after testing.

King Soopers said they are actively addressing the situation and have hired independent experts working in full cooperation with the appropriate state agencies, including the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE), to assist in their evaluations.


The store will be closed until all concerns are resolved and to ensure the safety of staff and customers as a top priority.

King Soopers officials said they will provide updated information as it becomes available.


Indications are that the store closed Monday night — surprising and frustrating employees who showed up for work Tuesday morning, and disappointing customers who depend on the store for its convenient location.

A customer was in tears and said she was unable to collect a cake she had ordered from the bakery for her daughter’s birthday party on Tuesday; another customer tried to find out if his medical prescriptions would be transferred to another King Soopers branch; a third customer overturned several shopping carts in anger.


The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) confirmed to KRDO on Tuesday that a complaint was filed last week regarding potential asbestos exposure at the store and that an inspector is investigating.

A statement was also released by the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7, a union representing 105 workers at the store, saying that: “…allegations suggest that both members and customers could have been exposed to a carcinogen that poses serious health risk.”


Loretta Guy, a union representative, said employees received a recorded message from the corporate office, explaining that they will be paid until the end of the week before being assigned to other King Soopers stores.


“I’ve worked at the store for six years and have two sons who work there as well,” she said. “I first heard about the asbestos concern a week and a half ago, from the night shift. They said the construction crew had put plastic over the pharmacy, and put a ventilation system through the pharmacy. And then everyone’s concern was like, what’s going on? Nobody was wearing any kind of mask , biohazard suits or something to protect themselves.”

Some customers are unhappy that King Soopers officials didn’t become aware of the problem sooner, giving them — and employees — more advance notice.


“How long will it take them to figure this out?” asked a customer. “What are they going to do with all the food in there? How long did they know about it before they told us? Why didn’t they do a better job of notifying customers and employees?”


Asbestos is a fireproof material that was used in building insulation, primarily before 1980; exposed asbestos fibers can cause lung damage if inhaled.

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Other King Soopers locations that will be open include:

  • 1750 W Uintah St Colorado Springs, CO 80904
  • 815 Cheyenne Meadows Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80906
  • 7915 Constitution Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80951

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