KFC will simply sell you a bag of fried chicken skin in Indonesia

Not in the mood for skinless chicken? How about a little chickenless skin instead!

KFC stands for "Kentucky Fried Chicken", but it is really the "fried" portion that the chain is the most committed to. Outside the chain's home country of Kentucky, KFC Japan has offered deep-fried soup, and now the global KFC family offers yet another fried food that may or may not qualify as a chicken, depending on how you define words .

That's because most of the time when people talk about eating "chicken," they talk about eating the bird's muscles, like breasts or thighs. KFC Indonesia's latest menu item is simply a bag filled with roasted chicken skin .

"Never enough" KFC Indonesia has its innovation.

13,636 rupiahs (US $ 0.95) make you see about a dozen bite-sized pieces of brittle bird meat seasoned with an indeterminate number of colonel herbs and spices. Many Instagram users have already left comments in line with "I'm waiting for these!" and asks KFC to extend product availability beyond the current six [Jakarta branches (MT Haryono (KFC Gelael), Salemba, Cideng, Kemang, Kalimalang and Kelapa Gading). It is primarily offered on.

Although the idea may seem strange in the beginning, it is not really everything that is different from the crab or pork, which is actually scattered pork and has been a popular snack in the UK and the American South for generations. And to KFC Indonesia's credit, it doesn't try to hide what the new item is with a fancy name like "Chicken Thins" or "Crunch Clucks." It just calls "Chicken skin". [[19659004] ▼ "Incompatible sharpness!"

Currently, KFC Chicken Skin is an Indonesian exclusive. Skewers of grilled chicken skin are a standard menu item in Japanese yakitori restaurants, and since KFC Japan previously adapted local flavors with matching green desserts and karaage bento lunches, we may want to see the KFC Chicken Skin in Tokyo one day as well. For now you have to hop on a plane to Jakarta if you want to try them, so try not to slip into such a deep food button after eating them as you miss your home.

Source, featured image: Instagram / kfcindonesia
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