Keystone Pipeline broke, oil spilled in North Dakota

More than 380,000 liters of oil spilled from the Keystone pipeline in North Dakota this week, one of the largest landfill spills in the last decade.

The breach hit the pipeline in Edinburg in the northeastern state, TC Energy said in a statement.

The oil affected about 2,500 square feet of land, about half the size of a football field, the company said. The number of liters that spilled could fill about half an Olympic-sized swimming pool, according to their statement.

"Our crews will remain focused on oil recovery and then prepare to repair the pipeline," the company added in the statement.

The exact amount of oil spilled from the pipeline will not be determined until after the cleanup process is completed, the company said.

The spill affected wetland habitats in the area, according to the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality.

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