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Key marijuana chemically called CBD can no longer be added to food, drink in NYC

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By Corky Siemaszko

A key chemical in marijuana can cause problems for a Brooklyn java employee who claims to be the first in New York City to have infused coffee drinks with the compound, cannabidiol or CBD.

Ian Ford, the holder of the caffeine underground in the Bushwick section, said the business boomed when he started selling CBD Coffee and Trippin & # 39; Tea.

But now, New York City's health department has begun to crack at bars and eateries selling food or drink containing CBD, he expects to hear a health check to turn on the door.

"We were the first in New York State to offer drinks with the CBD and it was a big deal for us," Ford NBC News told Wednesday. "Now I don't know what is going to happen."

Ford said he is aware of other businesses selling such danger that has been told to quit and desist from the city.

A CBD coffee made from caffeine underground. Ian Ford / Caffeine Underground

"They know we're selling this, but they don't talk to us until they come up, apparently," he said. "All of this is very confusing. It is legal to buy it and keep it on your tongue, but it is not legal to buy it and keep it in your coffee? It is as if there are no rules and too many rules." 19659007] The city's Institute for Health and Mental Health confirmed in a statement that it ordered restaurants and other businesses not to sell food or drink containing CBD because it has not been considered safe to consume.

"Restaurants in New York City are not allowed to add anything to food or drink that is not approved as safe to eat," said the health department. Until cannabidiol (CBD) is considered safe as an additive, the institute orders restaurants not to offer products containing CBD. "

The Ministry of Health provided NBC News with a list of 11 restaurants – anything but two of them in Manhattan – which have been" ordered not to use CBD as food additive in products. "

The news of the degradation was destroyed by Eater The blog, which mentioned that The Wild Son restaurant and cocktail bar in Manhattan's trendy meat pack area served cocktails with a dash of CBD.

Paul Downie, who runs the establishment, said they for some time earned such concoctions.

"It was not a tent for us, it was just something that came up because some of our people use CBD oil and we started offering it to see if it would take off, "he said." It didn't take off. "[19659007] Downie said they have not heard from city health workers. "In any case, we have pulled it," he said of the CBD-infused cocktails. "

New York City is not the only jurisdiction that lowers the boom on the CBD. The New York Times reported that states like Maine and Ohio also hinder the sale of chemicals containing the chemical.

Unlike THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is the main component of marijuana, does not get CBD people high. 19659011] Caffeine Underground, a Brooklyn coffee shop, hosts an event with the Psychedelic Meetup Society in 2018. Courtesy of Ian Ford

But it has been played by celebrities such as Mandy Moore and Willie Nelson as a means of anxiety, insomnia, pain and a host of other ailments, although there is little solid research on the effects on humans.

Despite that, CBD shows itself in suspected health products such as skin cream and others topical oils

In addition to the question of whether it is safe, another problem with the CBD is that its legality is still, in some ways, TBD.

Federal Food and Drug Administration in June I approved the first ever CBD drug to treat epilepsy.

But the FDA, on its website, also says that CBD cannot be sold as a dietary supplement or in food that crosses government lines.

At the same time, the federal drug administration still considers cannabis as a forbidden schedule 1, and thus illegal, despite the fact that marijuana is fully legal in states like California and Massachusetts. In the New York state, marijuana is permitted for medical use.

A recent survey by NBC Miami found that some manufacturers seem to try to deposit the CBD breed – and the lack of regulation – by tapping products that are said to contain CBD, but not actually.

"Patients are stupid," said Chris Martinez, president of Evio Labs, who analyzed 35 CBD products and found that 20 contained less than half the amount of CBD advertised and some contained none.

Back on the Caffeine Underground in Brooklyn, the proprietor Ford said, "It's not just drink" he does that contains CBD. He said he also has products with CBD outside the state.

Ford said he has called the City Health Department, but so far I have received no answer.

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