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Keep the aerosols away from the stove

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Over half a dozen people sue Conagra after maintaining injuries allegedly caused by exploding boxes of cooking spray. According to USA Today, the injuries are quite serious ̵[ads1]1; in addition to burns, a person was blinded in one eye. According to the Chicago Tribune, Conagra removed the cage from "active production earlier this year, three years after its introduction." Conagra has not issued a recall on the old design and maintains that "when used correctly, as described, it is a 100% safe and effective product."

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According to the United States today, lawsuits claim that they allegedly erroneous boxes were "designed and manufactured so that when the jug is bent and the unformed vents on the bottom of the container opened, the inner contents of the container would escape through the vents, and the pressure inside the can would be reduced," and that these cans were " 10 grams or larger, mainly sold in wholesale retail chains. "In each event, the jug had been placed on a shelf, counter or wagon near an oven or stove.

It is, of course, a good idea to keep aerosol containers away from open flames and stored at temperatures of 120 ° C (this is clearly indicated on all cooking spray cans), but it is worth noting that the instructions on such cans are slightly vague. Although consumers are instructed not to keep aerosols "near" heat sources, it is quite a vague term.

Kanen in question can no longer be in production, but you should continue to throw out some old boxes with Conagra cooking spray you have in your kitchen, especially if they are 10 grams or larger or you cannot remember when you bought them, or bought them over the last three years.

This is also a good time to make sure that all your aerosol PAMs or non-stored a decent distance from heat sources, in shelves or cabinets that are not adjacent to or above the stove and oven. And while we are on the topic: Also, keep the pristine glass away from the oven. I once had a glass goblet in my bad hand, which resulted in some minor cuts, but it could be worse. Cooking can be dangerous, friends, but storing things properly can make it less.

8 people allegedly disfigured by exploding cans of cooking spray like Pam sue Conagra | USA Today

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