Justin Sun will be planning Warren Buffett's charity lunch for medical reasons

Tron Foundation pushes Warren Buffett Lunch and press conferences back to an unspecified date.

According to an official Twitter post Justin Sun – who successfully acquired lunch with Buffett by winning the charity auction – is currently out of service due to kidney stones, and affiliates have agreed to schedule luncheon.

In June, Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun won a charity auction on eBay to have lunch with Buffett, the famous successful investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Sun's winning bid was apparently $ 4,567,888 ̵[ads1]1; the highest bid in the event's 20-year history.

19. July, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire accepted Sun's invitation to join him at lunchtime. In addition to Allaire, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee will also apparently attend the event.

Warren Buffett has, notoriously, some burning antiprypto currency views. Last May, Warren said that cryptocururrency would end badly, and called Bitcoin "probably rat poison square. "

Recently, in February, Warren claimed that Bitcoin (BTC) is a delusion, apparently because blockchain is not dependent on BTC or actively producing anything. Warren said:

" You can stare at it all day and not little bitcoins coming out or something like that. It's a delusion, basically. "

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