John Legere resigns as CEO of T-Mobile next year

T-Mobile's trash talking CEO John Legere, who oversaw a dramatic turnaround of the wireless carrier since he got the job in 2012, is set to launch next year. Doctors will remain a member of the board of T-Mobile.

1. May 2020, Mike Sievert, T-Mobile's current president and CEO and Legere's widely anticipated successor, will take over as CEO. There had been rumors earlier that Sievert would take over the post after T-Mobile's merger with Sprint, which is now approved by federal regulators, but is being upheld by a lawsuit from state attorneys general.

Doctors' contract expires April 30, and T-Mobile had already made great promises to Sievert. Seventh's contract allows him to leave if he does not become CEO of T-Mobile within six months of the merger, which the company expects to happen early next year.

The end of the merger would mark a highlight for Doctors to continue. When he started at T-Mobile, the carrier was in a distant fourth place. He quickly introduced several major changes ̵[ads1]1; dropped two-year contracts and added other customer-friendly benefits, along with a down-with-the-system attitude – that allowed T-Mobile to take over Sprint for third place and become a large enough presence to squeeze around Verizon and AT&T. While many consumer advocates are concerned that the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint will not be good for customers, there is no doubt that it will be good for T-Mobile, making the company a far more formidable third-party wireless competitor. .

Sievert joined T-Mobile as the Marketing Manager in 2012. In 2015 he was promoted to Chief of Operations, and last year he was also given the title of "President", apparently as a precursor to taking over that company. Sievert had a role in the merger planning and currently oversees T-Mobile's marketing, product and retail teams, according to the company.

Last week, it was reported that Doctors were under consideration for the group position at WeWork, another beleaguered company that needs a turnaround. It was later reported that he would not take the job because he has no plans to leave T-Mobile. "I want to be clear, I've never had discussions about running WeWork," Doctors said in a conversation discussing the news.

Doctors also said that he "does not retire" and that he already had interest from other companies looking for a transformation. However, his T-Mobile contract prevents him from taking a job with any direct competitors. "There can't be companies I hate that eliminate Verizon and AT&T from the list," Legere said.

T-Mobile also promoted Neville Ray, its CTO, to "President of Technology" and said that Braxton Carter will remain as CFO through July 1, 2020. Doctors said T-Mobile wanted to make all of these announcements before The lawsuit from the state attorney general came up next month.

Sievert has always looked a bit more involved with Doctors as T-Mobile executives make public appearances together. And it is perhaps no surprise that his language is a little more dimmed than that of Doctors, who are known to blacken and mock competitors.

"So confident, T-Mobile will continue to innovate on behalf of consumers … and we will continue to put customers first," Sievert said on the call. "That's what Uncarrier is all about – customer experience obsession. "

Sievert promises to continue T-Mobile's" Uncarrier "strategy, although he certainly wants to do so with a different tone.

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