Job data leads to records

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 301 points

gained 301.13 points, or 1.11% to end at 27,347.36. climbed 0.97% to 3,066.91. advanced 1.13% to end the day at 8,386.40. A much better than expected work report drove the S&P 500 and Nasdaq to record highs.

Great Gain Gain Even With the General Motors Strike

The US economy added and simply topped an estimate of 75,000 by Dow Jones. The better than expected pressure came even as a strike by General Motors shaved off more than 40,000 jobs last month. Investors interpreted the report as a sign that the economy is not even close to falling in a recession. This, together with a light monetary policy in the Federal Reserve for the foreseeable future, could provide fuel for the market's record-breaking run.

Qorvo and US Steel earnings earnings

shares rose 20.23% after the chipmaker released quarterly figures topping analysts' expectations. The company also provided strong earnings and sales guidance for the current quarter. also jumped 1[ads1]4.77% after the company had a smaller quarterly loss than expected.

What happens next?

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