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Jim Cramer states that stocks are "open up big on nothing," looking at the "classic bear market"

& # 39; Talk about classic bear-market behavior. We are cranking all week and then we open enormously to nothing but because we are so oversold, it's hard to let things go. & # 39;

Jim Cramer, CNBC

Are we in the bear market or something more favorable?

It's the crucial question of bedeviling a number of investors, including the CNBC personality Jim Cramer, lately. This even as the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded more than 350 points higher, with the S & P 500

SPX, + 1[ads1].15%

and the Nasdaq Composite Index

COMP, + 1.38%

Both enjoy gains of more than 1% in early trading.

In a Monday tweet, Cramer seemed to suggest that if the current dynamics goes like an duck and speaks like an duck … then it's bear. In other words, if the characteristics of a bear market are on display, the market should consider that one may be present.

In fact, in some measures, more than 200 of the S & P 500 index components and 10 of Dows 30 constituents in a bear market, down at least 20% from a recent bull market peak, according to FactSet data.

All the so-called FAANGs, the Growth Stock Quintet – Facebook Inc.

FB, + 3.25%

Apple Inc.

AAPL, -0.34% Inc.

AMZN, + 3.76%

Netflix Inc.

NFLX, + 1.35%

and Google parent Alphabet Inc.

GOOG, + 1.66%

GOOGL, + 1.75%

– which had contributed to running this current almost decade long beef market, is in the bears market. Bitcoin

BTCUSD, -7.06%

undoubtedly the ultimate risk share, is down 41% this month.

To many strategists as the question of the market is swallowed up in bearishness, constitute a pedantic, navel-striking exercise. This is because, in addition to the rule of thumb, whether an asset must fall to qualify for carrier market status, there is no end user of corrective market phases, such as corrections (decrease of at least 10%) and bear markets.

For many investors, real money has been lost and it is not clear when bloodshed will decrease.

The CNBC personality, which founded the financial news site TheStreet, is best known for a 2007 tirade where he said about the Fed: "They know nothing!" It was in reference to his opinion that Fed was ignoring the severity of the activity bubble whose deaths hid global financial markets and the American recession that would occur.

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