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Jim Cramer & # 39; s "Mad Money" Summary and Shares Selected November 20, 2019

Jim Cramer, CNBC, says digital is the common thread between the various quarterly earnings results in Home Depot, Lowe's, Kohl's and Target. The "Mad Money" host is teaming up with CEOs of Okta and Tableau Software to gain insight into how they play an integral role in providing companies with the tools they need to compete in the modern world.

Breaking Home Depot, Lowe's Quarterly Reports

Michael Bocchieri | Getty Images News | Getty Images

CNBC's said Wednesday that home repair rivals Home Depot and Lowe had a common thread in their respective quarterly reports: e-commerce.

"These days people expect everything to be frictionless," the "Mad Money" hosts it. "The moment they hit any kind of trouble, any speed hump, they just take their business somewhere else."

Lowe's shares went up nearly 4% to $ 1[ads1]17.83 during the trading day at the height of the third-quarter revenue slump and forecast increase.

On the other hand, Home Depot attributed the sales and revenue deficits in the same store, in its Tuesday earnings report, to the digital platforms.

Home Depot shares have fallen more than 7% from Monday's close.

19659005] "If your site doesn't work properly, you lose a lot of business. Lowe understands it now," Cramer said.

Okta with providing login options to Fox studios and

Todd McKinnon, CEO, Okta

Olivia Michael | CNBC

Reliable access to websites and data is a key component of the digital age, and Okta is a provider of recognizable companies such as Major League Baseball and Disney's 20th Century Fox studios.

With Okta, baseball fans can log into their accounts to watch games online in outside markets, CEO Todd McKinnon Cramer said in a one-on-one interview.

"So they don't have to worry about the login part," he said. MLB "can get it from us and focus on what they are really good at, which gets the subscribers' baseball content."

For Fox studios, the identity management provider built a system that can control where third-party creatives can access information and collaborate on film and television productions, McKinnon said.

When you give affiliate companies access to a particular movie or other asset, "you need to create an identity-centric environment so that it knows about every partner … [that gives] access to the movie and remove access when they does not need it. "

What Revenue reports from Kohl, Target says about the retail landscape

A shopper prepares to pay for goods at a mall in Kohl, Peru, May 16, 2019.

Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Tariffs for importing Chinese value are not the biggest emphasis on retail, according to Cramer.

Dealers must win in the current environment by either having a strong online presence or offering discount prices, he told viewers. [19659005] "If you are not offering a great digital experience or almost unbeatable bargains … you are in trouble," he said after Wall Street received a mixed bag of industry revenue reports.

Winners and losers in retail sing deviant tunes about the consumer, making it tough to read about the broader economy from the industry, Cramer said. He did his job by highlighting the revenue stroke and lifting guidance from Target and revenue loss and cuts from Kohl's in their latest quarterly reports.

The Role of Big Data in Modern Business

Adam Selipsky, CEO, Tableau Software [19659005] Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Cramer teamed up with Tableau Software CEO Adam Selipsky to get a better understanding of what the data visualization company is doing to help companies make sense of their businesses.

The company was acquired by earlier this year.

"I think we're really in this flood of data where everybody is flooded with data and having it … dumped all over your head doesn't necessarily mean you know how to succeed," Selipsky said. "What you need to do is be able to organize it and then critically manage it to analyze it, which is why Tableau exists to help people see and understand data to analyze it."

Cramer & # 39; s Lightning Round

In Cramer's Lightning Round, "Mad Money" gives the host his thoughts on the day's choices of conversations at a rapid speed.

Walmart: "I like Walmart. I think Walmart is terrific. I wouldn't sell it at all. As a matter of fact, I expect the stock to be higher pretty quickly after the big quarter."

Granite Construction: With "so much ransor in Washington, I don't think it could possibly be an infrastructure bill. Let's stay away."

Twist Bioscience: "It's too risky."

Disclosure: Cramer & # 39; Charity Trust owns shares in Disney, and Kohl's.


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