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JetBlue Readies to roll out the royal treatment for anyone flying to London as the airline strengthens the relevance of New York and Boston with the first European destination

NEW YORK – ( BUSINESS WIRE ) – JetBlue (NASDAQ: JBLU), New York's Hometown Airline® and the largest
The Boston airline announced today that it intends to launch several times daily
flights from both cities to London in 2021 (a) – the first carrier
European destination. The new routes, which are served by Airbus
A321LR single flying aircraft with a reimagined version of Mint, will
Highlight the first transatlantic service offered by award-winning
airline. JetBlue considers which London airports it will serve.

"Twenty years ago, our founders had a simple formula for choosing a new one
market ̵

1; it had to be overpriced, underserved, or both, Joanna said
Geraghty, President and CEO, JetBlue. "London is
JetBlue's largest metro area does not serve from both Boston and New
York and we couldn't have been more excited about changing it over the years
forwards. Prices charged today by airlines on these routes
Especially on the premium end, is enough to make you blush. "

Known in the United States to have the most legroom in coach, live TV
On each seat, free Fly-Fi broadband, free snacks and
soft drinks and good customer service, JetBlue is the entrance to
the transatlantic market will introduce a new era of customer focus,
low cost travel for both leisure and business travelers. The Carrier
Mint premium experience, which disturbed transcontinental travel
US with available prices and a thoughtful business recovery
class cabin, promises to offer transatlantic customers a new choice.

Growth to Europe is the next natural step in JetBlue's focus city
expansion strategy, with London as the largest target not served
by JetBlue from both New York and Boston. The new service will
Strengthen JetBlue's relevance in its two major focus cities at the same time
also answer calls from loyal business and leisure customers who have,
So far, it has been forced to fly other carriers to and from London.

The high expected announcement, which comes after a comprehensive
internal review, was made in New York on a crew member
John F. Kennedy International Airport. More than 1300 crew
filled the airline's hangar to hear CEO Robin Hayes and president and COO
Joanna Geraghty outlines the historic feature of the 19-year-old airline.
Hayes is about to deliver the keynote address tomorrow at The Aviation
Club by U.K. in London where he will discuss today's
announcement, as well as address competition concerns and airport access
challenges in Europe.

New competition in European flying with transatlantic mint

"The big airlines will tell you that the competition has never been more
robust, but the smaller airlines have never found it more difficult to get
access, says Geraghty. "It's time for regulators here in the US and
across Europe to create relationships where smaller carriers and new ones
Participants can thrive, rather than giving the giant airlines steady
greater through joint ventures. Given a chance to compete, JetBlue can
has a huge effect on lowering prices and stimulating traffic. "

Travelers flying across the North Atlantic between the northeastern United States
and London has long had high prices – especially in premium
cabins – or mediocre service in a market that is effectively controlled
heirs and their massive joint ventures. Alternatively a
handful of low cost carriers have tried to come in with a no frills,
Only-bone approach to flying offers little in the way of
Free facilities or the kind of service that JetBlue has become
known for in America. Especially in Europe, JetBlue will increase
the bar on what travelers can expect from a cheap carrier.

"It's good news that JetBlue is expanding to London and we want to be
happy to welcome leisure and business travelers from Boston and New
York with these new routes, says Laura Citron, CEO, London & Partners.
"North America is already London's largest foreign market, but is
grows considerably year after year, so extra connectivity and capacity
Allowing even more people to discover our city is very exciting news. We
Know that Americans are visiting London for their exciting history and
creativity, from Shakespeare to the birth of punk and catwalks of
Today. This creative energy and cultural life can be followed in all
aspect of London's life, and we look forward to sharing it with more global

JetBlue – which has been awarded again and again over the years for its
Commitment to comfort on the table, free amenities and customer
service – will give a whole new choice to travelers with affordable
prices combined with an on-board product and service level that cannot

JetBlue is developing a reimagined, transatlantic version of its prize
Coin product that will contain more flat seats than today
is offered on the airline's existing A321 aircraft. Transatlantic mint
product features and design elements combined with JetBlue in particular
trained Mint Inflight Crewmembers, will create an intimate and exclusive
travel experience. And as its transcontinental Mint business model,
JetBlue will offer the elevated flight experience for a fraction of what
Other airlines today charge premium seats.

"The success Mint has had in driving down the exorbitant air tickets there
our competitors were charging, stimulating new demand, and forcing
entrenched carriers to up their game is a big reason why we believe London
is the next natural market for JetBlue to succeed and create one
positive impact on consumers, "Geraghty said.

JetBlue also creates a new long-distance version of his beloved loved one
experience. The airline's customers in America have long enjoyed it
spacious and comfortable seating, live tv, high speed airplane
broadband internet, friendly service and much more. JetBlue
Transatlantic core services will be designed for customers already
Know and love the JetBlue experience that the airline is still committed to
to be an industry leader in comfort and service.

JetBlue converts orders to A321LR

The A321LR will allow JetBlue to tap into new long-distance markets such as
was not previously available with its current single aircraft.
JetBlue will basically convert 13 aircraft into its existing A321 order
book to the LR version with the ability to convert more.

"JetBlue has pioneered new travel opportunities for its customers
years, says Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer. "Everything
we at Airbus are honored to provide the strategic aircraft platform
activate this next chapter in the history of our JetBlue partners. "

This conversion does not affect JetBlue's external financial obligations
or represent incremental investment expenses as the current order book
remains the same. Furthermore, JetBlue remains committed to providing
earnings per share between $ 2.50 and $ 3.00 by 2020. This update to
The fleet plan is part of JetBlue's vision to continue to improve
Earnings per share by 2020.

Proven international flight track record

Today, JetBlue serves almost two dozen countries. The airline has been
flies internationally for almost 15 years with a significant proportion of
its operations in the Caribbean and Latin America by airplane when
as far south as Ecuador and Peru. Unique to European expansion plans,
JetBlue has created an internal team to start the certification process
for ETOPS, which allows extended operations for two motorcycles
Over water.

Further details on specific timetables when seats go on sale,
and more information about transatlantic mint, core and much more
will be announced in the coming months.

About JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is New York's Hometown Airline®, and a leading operator
in Boston, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Los Angeles (Long Beach), Orlando,
and San Juan. JetBlue carries more than 42 million customers a year
100+ cities in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America with an average of
More than 1000 daily flights. For more information please visit jetblue.com.

(a) Subject to receipt of the authority's authority.

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