Japanese court is expanding new prison for Nissan ex-chairman Ghosn, investigating the country's legal system

A Japanese court on Friday approved the prison by former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn until April 1[ads1]4 after he was last arrested over alleged financial misconduct, a move that has raised questions among legal experts

The former star conference was taken into custody on Thursday over fresh claims that $ 5 million sent by a subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co., intended for an Oman dealer, was redirected to a company effectively controlled by Ghosn.

Ghosn spent almost four months in prison and was just released last month after meeting severe bail while waiting for lawsuits on previous allegations that he was undergoing financial compensation, Nissan had his personal investment losses and made dubious payments to a saudi businessman. [19659005] JAPAN SPACE PROBE DROPS EXPLOSIVE ON ASTEROID TO MAKE CRATES

Tokyo District Friday approved the initiation A 10-day prison request from prosecutors, who can apply for another 10 days extension before he needs to appeal charges against Ghosn, free him or accuse him of fresh defaults that need to be investigated.

Strictly arresting a suspect for 20 days and then raising new charges in Japan, known as a "backing". Critics say it allows suspects to be grilled by the government, resulting in someone signing confessions to crimes they never committed.

The arrest "has the slender appearance of an attempt to sniff its ability to present its case to the public. [19659010] – Mark Levin

But it is rare for a suspect to receive a citizen and then be taken into custody.

Ghosn, 65, was first arrested on November 19 and released March 6 at $ 8.9 million, after two former

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Prosecutors claim that the last allegations are different from the previous ones, but his legal team says they are part of the same scenario of misdemeanor.

Required last prison, accused prosecutors Ghosn can tamper with Prosecutors had previously fought against the citizen of Ghosn, a citizen of France, Brazil and Lebanon, claiming I was an aviation risk.

Ghosn's lawyer Junichiro Hironaka pointed out that prosecutors have already raided Ghosn's property and taken everything and lets do not tamper with. He accused prosecutors of trying to tell Ghosn, who had tweeted he planned a news conference next week to tell "the truth of what happened."

Stephen Givens, a US law practitioner in Japan, said the latest charges are more serious than the previous charges because they involve Ghosn lurking the money, while the previous charges were technical crimes that did not damage Nissan or lead to personal gain .

Nevertheless, Givens noted that there was no reason to catch Ghosn again, as He had already satisfied a court that he would not flee or tamper with evidence or witnesses.


Mark Levin, a professor of law at the University of Hawaii, said he was concerned about Japan's international image, and noted the nation's appeal with future global business talent likes.

The attack "has a plain look at an attempt to sniff his ability to present his case to pu Blic," he said.

Ghos's case and the extended deprivation of liberty without conviction scrutinize Japan's criminal system, long criticized as "gay justice."

GET FOX NEWS APP [19659005] Legal experts say Ghosn's earlier release on bail came quickly, and Many defendants endure months, in extreme cases more than a year, trapped while awaiting trial.

Ghosn, who had led Nissan for two decades before his downfall, said he did not give up.

"I will not be destroyed. I am innocent of the unfounded charges and charges against me," he said in a statement Thursday.

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