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  In this file picture taken on May 1, 2018, British chef and activist Jamie Oliver will talk to media members after talking about childhood obesity at the Parliament's Health and Social Assistance Committee in London. - AFP pic
In this file picture taken May 1[ads1], 2018, British chef and activist Jamie Oliver will talk to members of the media after talking about the topic of childhood obesity in Parliament's health and care committee in London. – AFP picture

LONDON May 22 – With its often simple but inventive dishes, British chef Jamie Oliver revolutionized homemade food to his compatriots – but could not save his restaurant chain from

Oliver's restaurant group, consisting of 25 stores across the UK collapsed yesterday with a loss of 1000 jobs, leaving him "broken".

Oliver's fresh look, messy hair, scooter riding and relaxed banter have earned him many fans around the world watching their television series and buying their books in their millions.

The 43-year-old, now a multi-millionaire, had been cooking for years.

He grew up in the village of Clavering in Essex, eastern England, where his parents drove a gastro-pub, and he had his first attempts at cooking in the kitchen.

Oliver had a tough time at school because of dyslexia. He finished reading a book for the first time at the age of 38. He went to study cooking at Westminster Kingsway College in London for 16 years.

"I think I had a lot to prove," said Oliver Daily Telegraph newspaper.

"I did, so poorly at school, I had to prove myself at work. Even though some think I'm a middle-class child from a private school background, I'm not.

" My father had nothing, and I worked in a family business so it couldn't be the opposite. "[19659005] His first job for 19 years was like a pastry chef at Chef Antonio Carluccio's Neal Street restaurant in London.

He learned about Italian food and forged a close relationship to his mentor Gennaro Contaldo.

Oliver moved to become a sous chef at The River Cafe where his appearance in a BBC television program in 1997 hit his head. He was quickly offered his own show.

Jeans and T-Shirt

Two years later, The Naked Chef hit the small screen and a star was born. [19659005] Instead of being turned off in technical terms and fancy kitchenware , Oliver, wearing jeans and t-shirt and exuding natural enthusiasm, pray wrote the food anyway for him as "great" or "amazing".

However, not all usual sailing.

"I'm never happy with things, so it can be quite strenuous to strive for perfection. I also tend to do extra work for myself," he told The Guardian newspaper.

In 2002, he dropped a large part of his fortune to create Fifteen, a restaurant in London manned by poor young people. The project became chronic in the documentary series Jamie's Kitchen .

Promote a healthy and balanced diet, with fresh and well-received products, he went to war with junk food in 2005, lashing out on burgers, french fries and lack of fruit being occupied in the school edges of the TV series Jamie & # 39; s School Dinners .

"We kill our children" with junk food, father of five who married his childhood loved one Juliette Norton in 2000.

He fought for a tax on sugary soda – which the British government introduced in 2018 – and for junk food ads that were banned on television before. 21.

Controversy ]

But for all its popularity, Oliver has been no stranger to controversy.

He is regularly criticized for attacking the treated foods that the poorest in society can afford, and for the context of large supermarket chains, such as Sainsbury's from 2000 to 2001 and Tesco from 2018.

Oliver was accused of Jamaican cultural grant last August to call a new product "punchy jerk rice".

He was blasted back last December for his £ 5 million Oliver continues to make significant profits from books and products bearing his name.

In 2017, the tide began to turn to its restaurants and he was forced to close a dozen Jamie's Italian outlets, launched nine years earlier.

Yesterday, administrators KPMG were appointed to run the chain and close all but three of their 25 restaurants. – AFP

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