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Jamie Dimon weighed a presidential battle in 2020, sources say. That's why he decided

"I'm as tough as he is, I'm smarter than he is," Dimon said then. "He could beat me everything he wanted, it wouldn't work with me. I would fight back."

Finally, like other New Yorker and billionaire businessman Mike Bloomberg, Dimon decided he couldn't win in today's political environment. It is unclear whether Dimon hired consultants or polls to determine his odds of winning. Dimon has called himself "hardly a democrat." During the September incident, he said he could not "beat the Liberal side of the Democratic Party."

So Dimon, who identifies himself as a "proud American" and "complete patriot", focuses on influencing politics wherever he can. As head of the largest US bank of assets and head of Business Roundtable, he has made a series of great efforts to tackle urban decay and improve job prospects for minorities and former prisoners.

And showing what has taken its mind in recent months, on Thursday Dimon released a 51[ads1]-page missive on ways to improve education, health care and other institutions of decline. In it, he urged Democrats and Republicans to understand each other's complaints and compromises for people's good.

"If I were a king for a day, I would always have a competitive business system and invest in infrastructure and education," he wrote. «19659002] WATCH: Dimon defends capitalism in annual letter

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