Jamie Dimon rips Wells Fargo over long-term corporate search

JPMorgan Chase, CEO Jamie Dimon, struck Tuesday rival Wells Fargo as "irresponsible" because he did not have a permanent replacement after losing his senior leader in March.

"I would be surprised if regulators wanted it because it's irresponsible," said Dimon about Tim Sloan's unexpected dismissal after less than three years at work.

As the post reported earlier, Sloan pulled down the expression of "trust" from Washington regulators who grew frustrated with the bank's never-ending scandals.

The bank has installed Allen Parker, his former director general, as his interim managing director. In April, Parker said a new CEO cannot be elected this year.

Dimon's comments, made at a conference, come as Wells faces a narrow point of potential successors, partly due to continued pressure from Washington, which scares candidates, Sources tells the record.

Wells has been under the microscope since 201[ads1]6 when it appeared that workers created millions of counterfeit accounts to meet arbitrary quotas and forced Sloan to take over as CEO.

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