Jack Dorsey criticizes Elon Musk and says he should have walked away from the Twitter deal

Jack Dorsey criticizes Elon Musk and says he should have walked away from the Twitter deal

Dorsey also said that Musk should have walked away by paying $1 billion to the board.

Almost a year after stating that Elon Musk is the “unique solution”[ads1]; he trusts to run Twitter, Jack Dorsey appears to have changed his stance on Mr Musk’s management of the microblogging site. On Friday, the former Twitter CEO issued his sharpest criticism yet of Musk’s management of Twitter, saying the tech billionaire has not proven to be the platform’s ideal steward and should have walked away from buying the site.

Dorsey criticized Musk in a series of response posts on the social network Bluesky, a potential Twitter rival that Dorsey helped start. In accordance The Washington Posthe responded to a question from a Bluesky user about whether he felt Mr Musk proved to be the “best possible steward”.

“No. I also don’t think he acted immediately after realizing his timing was bad. I also don’t think the board should have forced the sale. It all went south. But it happened, and all we can do now is build something to avoid that ever happening again. So I’m glad Jay and team and nostr developers exist and are building it,” said Dorsey.

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In accordance Fortune, in another post, Mr Dorsey also stated that Mr Musk should have walked away by paying $1bn to the board. “If Elon or anyone wanted to buy the company, they just had to offer a price that the board thought was better than what the company could do independently. This is true for all public companies. Was I optimistic? Yes. Did I have the final say? No. I think he should have gone and paid $1 billion,” he said.

Furthermore, in response to a post in which a user said, “It’s pretty sad how it all went down,” Dorsey simply replied, “Yeah”.

Especially since it wasn’t long ago Mr Dorsey had said that if Twitter had to be a company at all, “Elon is the only solution I trust.”

“In principle, I don’t think anyone should own or run Twitter. It wants to be a public good at the protocol level, not a company. To solve the problem of it being a company, Elon is the singular solution I trust. I trust on his mission to expand the light of consciousness,” he tweeted in 2022 before Musk’s Twitter acquisition had come to fruition.

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