It's Turtle Time: ANA's new A380 Safety Video

ANA just started service with its Airbus A380. The airline has three of these aircraft on demand and they will use them exclusively to fly between Tokyo and Honolulu.

It's very cool how the ANA has themed A380. Rather than just getting them to blend into the raft, they really make themselves stand out. Each ANA A380 has a special "Flying Honu" liver.

For those who are not known, "Honu" is a Hawaiian expression of sea turtles, and ANA explains that they are considered sacred beings in Hawaii, and those who catch a glimpse of them are said to be blessed with good fortunes. It is also what ANA wants their customers to fly to / from Hawaii to experience.

Each of the A380s is painted in another delivery. Lani is the blue plane, Kai is the green plane, and Lā is the orange plane.

Anyway, to coincide with the ANA A380 introducing service, ANA has launched a new security video. This has been shown on the A380 since its launch, and will be available on other routes from June 1, 2019.

Here is the new security video:

] This video is cute, in my opinion. I think we need more security videos that have characters that lack opposable thumbs, because looking at the characters that perform functions such as attaching safety belts and turning off phones, is ridiculously sweet.

So many airlines put effort into security videos today, and in some cases I think they are trying too hard, making the videos unnecessarily long, putting in too much humor, etc. In the case of ANA, they just keep the basics when they are cute visual.

I also love how the security video has the warning "Photography is prohibited during evacuation." Although it is standard for security videos to say that you should leave everything in emergency evacuation (and that is something that cannot be emphasized enough), this is the first excuse I have seen in a security video that specifically mentions that you should not take pictures under and evacuation.

What do you do with the ANA's safety turtle screen?

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