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Is AT&T trying to kill AT&T TV NOW? It's starting to look like this …

  AT&T TV NOW logo Yesterday AT&T made AT&T TV NOW the most expensive live TV streaming service on the market after a $ 15 a month price increase. Now, AT&T TV now has plans as high as $ 135 a month for the Ultimate package. To make things even more confusing, AT&T has also recently reduced its marketing for AT&T TV NOW dramatically. This has left many wondering if AT&T is trying to kill the service after yesterday's price rise.

Back in June, AT & T's president said that DIRECTV NOW (now called AT&T TV NOW) was no longer AT&T's focus. During AT & T's recent earnings call, AT&T executives clearly stated that the new separate AT&T TV streaming service will be their focus going forward.

AT&T has also begun to trivialize AT&T TV NOW on its website. You can still find AT&T TV NOW, but over a month ago AT&T TV was now removed from the top of AT & T's TV page at ATT.com/TV. When you go to the official AT&T TV landing page, the only services you see aggressively promoted are AT&T TV, U-Verse TV and DIRECTV.

AT&T has even redirected AT&T TV NOW social media to be "It's On AT&T." When you look at these new pages on social media, you won't find any mention of AT&T TV NOW. Most Facebook posts have been removed. The latest post, other than an updated cover photo, is from December 2018.

Even this week's price increase on AT&T TV NOW made it clear that service was not as important as it once was. There was no press release and no effort to put a positive spin on the increase. Usually, companies will put their best face on price increases. This week, AT&T made no effort to address the growing number of unhappy customers.

AT&T seems hopeful that it can move as many DIRECTV and AT&T TV NOW customers to the new, more profitable AT&T TV service as it rolls out Nationwide. AT&T TV includes many of DIRECTV's fees without having to send anyone to your house or have satellites in space.

So far we have to wait to see what AT&T does with AT&T TV NOW.

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