In support of this selling news market, Swiss Swiss Hedge Fund Manager warns

In the autumn of 2018, Felix Zulauf, head of the Swiss hedge fund Zulauf Asset Managment, said that investors faced the start of a "structural bear market". In other words, not much up and a downside limited by central banks.

"When the market sells 20%, 25% or so, they will come in to support it, and the market is gathering again," he said at that time. "Then it will be back and it goes deeper than last time. This is a very serious, very difficult market to have." Shortly thereafter, the stock market was unraveled just to start 2019 with a new high altitude attack. Zulauf's performance has been pretty much on time, and now, operating under the premise that today's rally is capped, he follows up with a largely gloomy assessment of what's next.

Zulauf has probably made some rather epic talks over the course of his long investment career, including when he was top expert at UBS and moved clients completely out of stock in 1[ads1]987. But he is not your garden yard permanently and claims success on every downturn . He also predicted a 40% rally in early 2009, which turned out to mark the bottom of the last bear market.

He's back to his bearish ways in our call of the day but.

In an interview posted on the Financial Sense blog, Zulauf says he believes a trade between the US and China is likely, but some boom effects on the market will be short-lived. Investors will then face a sales situation.

From a macro view, Zulauf says the economists have been too optimistic about the growth potentials, and as he has said for a while, the other half becomes a rough one. He sees several negative surprises this year that produce shocks that could ultimately hit all major economies hard.

In particular, he sees after the United States sees a steep decline in growth, while China also suffers from some headwinds.

"The current optimism that things pile out of those who have been wrong for a while is premature," Zulauf said in the interview. "I think consensus will be disappointed again in the second half and it will have implications for the business sector's earnings situation."

The Market

The Dow

DJIA, + 0.04%

S & P 500

SPX, + 0.15%

and Nasdaq

+ 0.22%

are all invaders higher. The dollar

DXY, + 0.00%

is a little while gold


is lower. Coarse


is also under pressure. See more in Market Snapshot.

Europe stocks

SXXP, + 0.12%

fell, led by Spanish shares

IBEX, -0.08%

after the reigning socialist party won Sunday's election, but must form alliances to stay in power. Asian shares

ADOW, + 0.39%

closed mixed.



AAPL, + 0.34%

reports Tuesday, so there should be a lot of buildup over the next couple of sessions. Perhaps most importantly, investors will vote for what the company is planning to do with its massive pile of cash. But it seems that Apple will stick to its previous strategy of returning money to shareholders. The company had $ 130 billion in net cash at the end of 2018.

A bid war can break out for hydrocarbon exploration group Anadarko Petroleum

APC, -0.14%

. Days after the company agreed to sell $ 33 billion to Chevron

CVX, + 0.38%

Anadarko has reportedly now entered into talks on a sale to rival Occidental Petroleum

OXY, -2.38%

says sources quoted by Reuters.

More trouble with Boeing

BA, + 0.67%

? The planner didn't say to Southwest Airlines

LUV, + 0.99%

back in 2017 that a safety feature of the 737 Max jet warning feature factor warrants was turned off, The Wall Street Journal was reported.



TSLA, + 1.79%

just gave it number 2 on the list of largest US car manufacturers based on market value. Ford

F, -0.38%

has just edged past the electric car manufacturer as the market cap approaches what is No. 1 General Motors

Ford, + 1.08%

Ford enjoyed its biggest one-day rally in a decade on Friday, while Tesla, at its lowest level since January 2017, seems to have a steady stream of problems . We've probably not heard the last of this Tailored Chart:

The State

$ 1.2 Billion – That's How Much Disney's Avengers: Endgame racked up the first five days in theaters around the world. The hole certainly excludes the previous opening weekend post, which was $ 641 million set by the previous movie in the series.

Getty Images

Avengers fans arrive at a costume competition before the first screening of Avengers: Endgame at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California April 25, 2019. (Photo by Frederic J. BROWN / AFP) (Photo Credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

Stocks of entertainment giant

DIS, -1.52%

is up 1.5%.

The quote

"Our founders were highly literate people. And maybe not more than an Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant who came, thank God before the land was full. Frankly, I do not know why they quit the guy. that someone had settled on the southern border. "- Historian Ron Chernow, who spoke at White House Correspondents & # 39; Dinner Over the Weekend. See full speech:


All eyes will be on the April working report, but we will not get it until the end of the week. Other highlights include Case-Shiller house prices Tuesday and car sales a day later. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) also meets this week, but no policy changes are expected.

On Monday, consumer spending data showed a big jump in March, while the Dallas Fed production survey comes later.

On Friday, the data showed that the US economy rose 3.2% in the first quarter, higher than analysts' expectations, partly due to inventory, but it was not immediately clear how, since data showed both domestic production and imports fell the first three months of the year.

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