I’m a crime reporter — here’s what to do when someone knocks on your door


April 9, 2023 | 15:13


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This tip might just save your life.

Lori Fullbright, who has worked as a crime reporter at News on 6 Tulsa for 27 years, took to TikTok to share her warning about what not to do if you hear a knock on your door.

The video, captioned “Why you shouldn̵[ads1]7;t shut up and pretend you’re not home when someone knocks”, has already reached over 1.5 million views.

She began the two-minute clip by explaining that she has interviewed hundreds of criminals and burglars in particular over the years.

“The vast majority of them tell me they want to hit a house that’s empty,” Fullbright revealed.

“They’ll kick in your door when you’re gone, take all your stuff and leave, and it’s awful if you come home and all your stuff is gone.”

She explained that people say it’s a property crime when it’s really a personal crime — and that it’s “much worse” if the burglar finds you behind the door, hides inside your house and pretends you’re not there.

Tulsa crime reporter Lori Fullbright issued a warning about what not to do when someone knocks on your door.
The journalist claimed that most burglars want to hit a house that is empty.

“Now you are face to face with a criminal,” she said.

Fullbright revealed that the “vast majority” of burglars she’s spoken to over the years like to come Monday through Friday, around 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., because they think no one will be home.

She claimed that the criminals will listen for sounds such as voices, footsteps and the TV playing to see if you are home. If they think it’s empty, they’ll do what’s called “knock and kick” – literally knock and then kick the door in.

Fullbright says she has interviewed hundreds of criminals over the years.
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She alleged that such burglaries are frequent in Tulsa — according to Neighborhood Scout, your chance of being the victim of a property crime in the area is 1 in 20.

“Next time someone knocks, don’t be silent,” Fullbright advised. “Make noise. Go talk through the door, ‘Can I help you,’ ‘I’m not interested,’ ‘Move on,’ now they know someone’s in.”

The reporter also told that you could even tell a lie for your own safety if you wanted to.

“If you want, lie, just to be safe,” she explained. “Say, ‘honey, get out of the shower, somebody’s at the door,’ ‘honey, stop loading the gun and feed Pitbull,’ whatever you want to say to let them know somebody’s in that house. Hopefully that makes it sound like it’s more than one person.”

The broadcaster offered that you could even blow up the TV or make loud noises to make it sound like someone is in the house.

Fullbright says these tips were especially important to pass on to your kids.

“The burglars that I interview say that once they realize someone is in, the vast majority of them will go back to another house,” Fullbright said. “They will go and look for an empty house.”

She admitted that she has seen many of these burglaries that “don’t pan out,” especially when it comes to children. She urged parents to tell their children not to pretend to be quiet when someone knocks, but instead to make a lot of noise.

The Post contacted Fullbright for comment.

She believes burglars will usually move to another house if someone is home.
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In the comments section of her TikTok video, many agreed with her safety tips.

“This is why mom left the house with the radio on,” one person said.

Another agreed, writing: “We won’t be silent, but we won’t respond unless we know who it is or what’s going on. Too many lunatics in the world, not opening for anyone.”

“I’m calling for my father. Even if he is not there,” claimed someone else.

However, others disagreed and claimed that this tip will not work in all situations.

She advised people to make a lot of noise if they heard a knock on the door.
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“I think it depends if they want to rob you or hurt you so it’s a hit or miss,” one user commented.

Another posted: “I would think burglars would know people don’t answer but are still in there.”

In other safety news, last July, an Ohio State University study found that neighborhoods that had more dog owners tended to experience less crime.

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