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Ill for great price on Uber and Lift? Here are some tips to steer clear

by Gabe Cohen / KOMO News

Sick for Great Price on Uber and Lift? Here are some tips to steer

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, and for those of you planning to book a Uber or Lyft tour, you can experience surge pricing.

Surge prices are when the riding companies increase the cost of a trip because many customers order cars from the same area.

Some customers choose to pay for convenience, but if you don't want to, you can avoid price increases.

KOMO News spoke to Harry Campbell, founder of The Rideshare Guy, who offered the following tips for riders.

  1. Compare prices on Uber and Lyft. Campbell says, in his experience, Lyft tends to give a better price in oscillation times, but it may vary. He recommends an app called Bellhop, which compares rank sharing options to a particular location in real time.
  2. Check out the other tour options in Uber and Lyft. As the standard ride option rises, sometimes the other options give a better deal. The pool is usually the cheapest trip, so if all options are up, the pool can keep costs down. But Campbell recommends checking the luxury options as well. Sometimes, you can get a nicer trip at a cheaper price during oscillation.
  3. Wait a few minutes or walk a few quarters. Surge rates are specific to the area and time, as it is a reflection of the demand for rides at the moment. So if you go a few blocks, you can find a lower price area. And sometimes for a few minutes, the wave may drop.
  4. Register as the driver. Campbell admits that this is an extreme option, but he says he has met passengers who sign up to run simply to access the Uber or Lift & # 39; s surge map. That way, they can see which areas are surfing and who can save a rider a few dollars.

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