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"If you didn't buy a Tesla, you just made a mistake"


Published on October 24, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

24. October 2019 by Zachary Shahan

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said something similar to the headline above at the quarterly Tesla conference a few hours ago.

It might have made me smile and laugh more than anything else in the conference call. The reason is simple, and that's why I keep this article short.

There are many ways to rationalize one decision, and there are various reasons to buy one vehicle over another. You can prioritize power, security, infotainment, autonomous driving, cargo space or tech. You can also like what a vehicle looks like. On several of these cases, a Tesla vehicle wins objectively against the competition in its class. But a win on paper is not always worth much. What matters is the real experience. What Tesla owners try to express in written words while talking to others, or simply thinking about why they love Tesla so much, is how amazing it is to drive or use a Tesla. These are not empty grounds on paper – they are experienced essentially every day you have the car.

However, no speaking or writing can pass that understanding on to anyone. The vehicle must be experienced. Most people have not driven a Tesla, and many do not even know what "a Tesla" is. When we are owners on the road (which we tend to be), we consistently see "competing cars" on the road that just came from a dealership – and we just shake our heads, in large part, and feel sorry for the people who bought them without realizing that they could have gotten a far superior vehicle, and partly wondered why they did it. It happens to me several times a day. I can't get over it (ask my wife). I talk to other Tesla owners and they have the same feeling and reaction. It is so difficult to observe that other people make such unfortunate mistakes when buying new vehicles.

The way Elon talked about this in the conversation was funny because it was so real, so clear what I and others think practically every day. And he expressed well how difficult it is to put into words these observations. You just can't convey the feeling of " man, you've made such a big mistake " to someone who doesn't get it, to someone who hasn't gotten behind the wheel of a Tesla. Of course, for anyone who gets it, the statement is so obvious that it's just refreshing (and maybe funny) to hear someone else say it. We could see this playing with Joe Rogan. When Elon joined his podcast, Joe had never run a Tesla. Elon encouraged him with the words he could think of Joe really trying to drive a car. Joe answered a kind of "sure, sure, I want to do it … but I really really like gasoline cars". Obviously he didn't get it, and Elon's comments didn't do much to convince him. Still, he ran the test a Tesla … and he was blown away by it. He bought a top-of-the-line Model S, and seemingly fantasized about it on the show often now. (I don't listen to the show, but that's what I've been told.) Joe certainly has the same feeling Elon, other Tesla owners, and I have while driving around town and saw "competitors" that some unlucky souls bought out of lack of awareness or lack of experience.

Another reason why the comment was funny is that it's just not what you expect to hear in a conference call. It's basically an everyday thing that I would guess most Tesla owners think regularly, but definitely don't come out of a yellow Corporate Communications for Idiots .

During the conversation, the context was someone who asked about the evolution of the Tesla Model S and Model X and how Elon thought about them going forward (1:51 in our video). In the part of his response that made me laugh and inspire this article, Elon specifically referred to Model S. He said: “Model S literally won the Motor Trend Best Car Ever [19659014] in history. If you are out there and you stand by and don't buy a Model S, I think you just made a mistake. "Even though you designate the Model S there, the point is true for any Tesla. The feeling is basically the same, and it's more about the other vehicle you see than the one you're driving. I see a friend got a new Mercedes-Benz SUV, and I can't get the idea out of my mind, "If only she knew … If she only had a week with the Model X in advance – it's not possible she could have bought Mercedes. If she only knew what She's missing. "It's such a huge mistake, but she doesn't even know. I see someone in the red light buying a new BMW 3 Series or Ford Mustang:" Ugh, what a catastrophic error They could have driven such a better car and enjoyed it so much more . "But there's nothing we can do, so we get the feel of Elon and have to wipe it out. expect that non-Tesla owners will not get it. We know that Tesla owners will.

This is not a snap for anyone reading this who bought a non-Tesla, that's just the way it is. That's just the feeling most Tesla owners have on a regular basis. There is a sense of unfortunate wonder. The good news is that with every 100,000 new Teslas on the road, more people get to see, experience and learn about the cars. The jungle telegraph is one thing, especially with Teslas. But that's a story for an upcoming day. It is 2:40 am here, so I should go to bed.

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