I went to the Hamptons TJ Maxx where celebrities like Amber Heard Shop

Although there were more designer items than I’m used to seeing in my local TJ Maxx, the rest of the store didn’t seem much different from other places – it was still decked out with the signature discount signage.

TJ Maxx in the Hamptons

Even with the designer elements, it’s still TJ Maxx.

Rachel Akinasi/Insider

At the end of the day, this is still TJ Maxx, and you can’t possibly forget that even when sifting through racks of BCBG and Gucci.

There are signs all over reminding you of the discounts you can get here, which can be comforting when you’re in a city where coffee and a bagel can cost more than a three-pair set of Calvin Klein underwear (the set was $11) .

I believe that at the time of my visit the store had more to offer in terms of designer accessories than clothes. But it was still a lot more than what I’ve seen at other places that also have exclusive items.

While I didn’t think it was anything ultra-fabulous, I think it’s the kind of place that if I lived nearby, I’d stop by every week or so to see if there are any tempting offers.

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