"I think it's time to reconsider the man"

Tesla is on its way to the end of what might well be another historic quarter, and as the company engages in its final Q4 push, some of Elon Musk's long-term critics begin to take a friendlier attitude to Tesla and SpaceX . Among these are Fox Business hosted by Stuart Varney, a long-time critic of Musk, who recently aired and issued a defense for the serial engineer.

Stuart Varney's a Elon Musk fan. Earlier statements, Fox Business host taken a critical attitude to the CEO. Back in 2014, for one, Varney engaged a debate with colleague Liz Claman about the grants for Tesla and SpaceX. During a conversation after the debate, Varney noted that "Elon Musk relies on tax breaks." Only in July, at a time when Tesla is still struggling to hit its Model 3 production target, Varney stated that is on the wall " for Musk, and that" If he wants to run Tesla effectively, He calm down and maybe close his Twitter account or retire to a nice corner office and leave an adult run. "

In a recent segment, the veteran host admitted that it might be time to reconsider Elon Musk. Addressing his viewers, Varney stated it is difficult to deny that Musk is a" brilliant "entrepreneur, in the way he has the vision and the dream, and he actually acts on them and makes them a reality. The following is some excerpts from Fox Business host's latest segment at CEO.

"I think it's time for a reassessment. I think it's time to look at the man's performance, rather than his public image. As he or she does, Elon Musk is certainly the most important example of a brilliant entrepreneur.

"He makes state-of-the-art electric cars. OK, he leaned heavily on green tax credits, but Tesla is a stand-out vehicle. He had the vision. Many talk about their" vision, "but he went out and did it. "Have heard of SpaceX. It's an Elon Musk company. He had a vision for reusable rockets, and he went out and did it too … It's a feat.

" You've heard of the Boring Company … This is Musk's contribution to future mass transit. The point is, he did. He just offered a trip to the tunnel he has already built in Southern California. It's not just talk.

"At the age of social media, we tend to fix the negatives. It is easy to pour the mockery of someone who behaves like Elon Musk. But go back and look at what he really did: He is He has a product in all three industries. There is concrete success. Give the man credit. "

Varney's 180-degree turn on Elon Musk contributes well to the CEO and his well-documented brushes against ordinary media. Musk has shattered with several notable publications and journalists this year, and he is never one to miss a chance to call out what he thinks is wrong or dishonest reporting. Only recently did Musk call out CBS to misrepresent his statements in a 60 Minutes segment. As such, nodding affirmation from personalities such as Stuart Varney dishes, what may well be a shift in media's mood towards Tesla and Musk himself.

Tesla has probably begun to attract a more positive view of Wall Street. While the warehouse (NASDAQ: TSLA) has experienced a steep dive since apparently comes within striking distance from its all-time high, while some companies like Goldman Sachs still have a bearish view of the company, Tesla has still received some support from Wall Street in form of optimistic outlook from companies such as Oppenheimer and Jefferies Financial Group nonetheless.

For Elon Musk, it is undeniable that he experienced what could only be described as an incredibly difficult year. Despite all the pressure and stress, as well as cases of overwork that saw the CEO give 120 hours of work each week, Musk was still greeted by SpaceX and Tesla employees as one of the best CEOs in 2018.

See Stuart Varney's defense of Elon Musk in the video below.

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