Hypercar Builder believes Ferrari SF90 Stradale is not good enough

Essentially, Glickenhaus Ferrari calls out to give SF90 Scuderia what he believes to be subpar performance values. The big hole in the logic, however, is that 004CS is a path-focused car that, while the road is legal, does not emphasize daily driveability, luxury and comfort that SF90 Scuderia does. And despite his battle words, the SCG 007 LMP1 Hypercar has not yet been built and run to prove Glickenhaus's demands.

Not that we want to debut Glickenhaus, though. Ferrari is a car manufacturer that seems to need some humility from time to time, and we are delighted that the SCG founder is using its platform to do so. What's more, getting hold of the competition makes the hypercar war fun at first.

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