Hurricane Barry affects several Carnival Cruise Line itineraries

Upgraded category 1 hurricane Barry affects several cruise line itineraries and two major cruise ports are closed.

Hurricane Barry Affects Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival Cruise Line has released a new update today for three cruise ships based on the US Gulf Coast. The newly updated category 1 hurricane causes disturbances in the cruise industry and beyond with the carnival cruise itinerary changes and the closure of the Port of New Orleans in Louisiana and the Port of Mobile in Alabama.

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Carnival Fantasy

The cruise ship Fantasy class, based on Mobile, Alabama, was due to end its 5-day Western Caribbean cruise on July 1[ads1]3, the Carnival ship is scheduled to depart on the next trip later today from the port for a 4 -day itinerary.

As Mobile Port is still closed, it is unlikely that the regular schedule will take place. The ship will keep a safe distance from the storm and will go to the gate when it opens again. Guests booked on the 13th of July sailing are told not to get to the terminal and continue to look for updates.


Carnival Cruise Line has now released a new update regarding Carnival Fantasy . The ship's July 13 departure from Port of Mobile, Alabama, will no longer take place. Instead, the ship will depart Mobile Sunday, July 14, and operate a 4-day cruise with a call to Cozumel, Mexico. Guests booked for the sail are still advised not to wait for the port, as it may remain closed and Carnival confirms boarding plans.

A one-time refund will be provided along with any fees and gate fees from the canceled call on the Costa Maya. Any booked excursions through the cruise line will also be refunded. A future cross credit will be offered to all guests who do not wish to go through their holiday aboard Carnival Fantasy .

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Carnival Glory

The Conquest class ship is currently on a 7-day western Caribbean cruise and is scheduled to arrive back to New Orleans tomorrow morning July 14th. The carnival monitors the development of the hurricane and the ship will, however, as soon as the gate is reopened.

Guests of the next 7-day Eastern Caribbean July 14 sail should continue to check for the latest updates before they arrive at the terminal tomorrow, only if it remains closed.

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Carnival Valor

Carnival Valor is currently on a 4-day West Caribbean cruise is scheduled to end in Port of New Orleans on July 15. It is not known whether the port will remain closed on that day. it all depends on the flood, port damage and other impact of Hurricane Barry.

Guests booked on the next sailing, scheduled to travel on 5-day Western Caribbean cruises, should continue to check for cruise line updates. [19659004] The Carnival cruise ship has already been hit by the storm. Current sailing had to deviate from Mobile instead of New Orleans, and the passengers were transported to the alternative port by bus. They may have to handle multiple travel headaches if Carnival Valor cannot return as normal.

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The port of New Orleans has also issued the following statement mentioning that the port is set to reopen Monday 15 July:

The port administration building is closed to all unwanted personnel on Thursday, July 11, 2019, and Friday 12th. July 2019 to prepare for any severe weather and to reopen Monday 15 July 2019 with regular schedules.

The Floods Agency closed all MRL flood gates beginning at 18 on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. Effective at 17.00, Friday 12th. July 2019, the lower Mississippi River was closed to all ship traffic from the mile marker 20 to the mile marker 303.

Further updates on how Hurricane Barry affects the cruise industry is coming. So far, only Carnival Cruise Line is affected. Royal Caribbean seems to be ready for now, but things can change.

Hurricane Barry Latest

Hurricane Barry has grown in strength and is now in a category 1 with maximum sustained wind of 75 mph according to the National Hurricane Center (NOAA).

Photo: NOAA

The hurricane moves northwest at 6 km / h and has reached the golf coast at about 65 km south of Lafayette, Louisiana. Hurricane Barry will weaken as it moves over land, but will still be extremely dangerous with heavy rainfall that will lead to flooding.

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