Huawei's trade ban may harm both Google and Apple

A long-term technical consultant in China has suggested that Trump's Huawei trading ban could harm both Google and Apple.

Many of the attention to date has been at risk for Apple's business, Goldman Sachs, yesterday warning that the worst case for the iPhone manufacturer might be a 29% fall in the company's global profits …


But Business Insider reports GBA's managing partner Gregor Berkowitz describing the potential risk to Google.

The US government's move to carry the Chinese device maker from using US technology products and services could encourage it to market Chinese apps and services outside China, Berkowitz said.

It can give companies like Baidu a leg up over Google and Didi an over Uber in areas of the world where Huawei is strong, he said.

The problem is not in China itself, but in other countries where the Huawei smartphones sell well. [19659005] "People like Google are starting to lose, because Huawei will point to the search [box] at Baidu, not at Google," Berkowitz said. He continued: "As a conflict or trade war between the United States and China [heats up] … we see that Chinese suppliers are starting to spread worldwide [with Baidu becoming] as the default search engine for India and for consumers in Africa and the email provider and online The transaction vendor. "

The loss of access to future versions of Android would effectively kill the company's business in the US and other developed markets, but this is not necessarily the case in emerging markets. There, the ability to purchase advanced hardware with the latest technology at an affordable price can be more important than the operating system.

Apple is widely believed to be in the immediate vicinity, as a profiled company selling expensive hardware in China. An easy way for China to back in the US would be to ban iPhone sales in the country, which would hit Apple extremely hard. But Berkowitz said we must also consider the long-term consequences of the Huawei trade ban on other US companies.

"There are many secondary effects" of the attack on Huawei "that may be more significant than the primary effect,"

Google removed the Huawei Mate X and P30 Pro from

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