Huawei boss would be "the first to protest" China retaliation to the United States ban

Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei has conducted a round of interviews this week, responding to the company's position on a US prohibition list. When he spoke to Bloomberg he made the claim that he did not expect or hope for a retribution from the Chinese government against the Trump administration's ban. One resolutely Zhengfei says, "It doesn't happen first and foremost. And secondly, if that happens, I'll be the first to protest."

Notoriety works around Huawei's name in the US, with US security agencies calling it a national security threat and encourage consumers to buy Huawei devices. Other allegations of intellectual property and business secrecy also lose the company's reputation, even though difficult evidence of material misconduct is not difficult to find. President Trump recently argued that his administration's actions are more of a trade negotiation moving towards China than a real national security response to Huawei.

Under such circumstances, it may be reasonable for Huawei's boss to look at the Chinese government to shield his company, but Zhengfei takes a different approach. He says Huawei's current uncertain situation is like steering a plane with a hole in its side: it's not good, but the plane is still up and the company needs to make appropriate adjustments.

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