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Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks, says he considers independent operation by president – 60 minutes

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz left the company seven months ago, which led many to wonder what the socially conscious leader planned. To Schultz, Starbucks was never just a coffee shop. He saw his shops as meeting halls where customers came to chew on the big problems of the day. His activism is rooted in a rags-to-rich life. And tonight, Schultz reveals trauma he has never discussed in public. At age 65, he is preparing for the greatest challenge in his life. Many believe that Schultz would run for president as a Democrat. His announcement tonight may come as a surprise.

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Howard Schultz : I'm seriously thinking of running for president. I'm going to run as an independent colonel, outside of the two-party system we're living in the most fragile time, not just the fact that this president is not eligible to be president, but the fact that both parties consistently don't do what is needed on behalf of it American people and are engaged every day in retaliation policy.

Scott Pelley: Why run as an independent? Your views have always been aligned with the Democratic Party.

Howard Schultz: That's true. I have, you know, I've been a lifelong democrat. I look at both parties – we see extremities on both sides well, we are sitting today with about $ 21.5 billion of debt, which is a ruthless example, not just Republicans, but also democrats, as a ruthless failure of their constitutional responsibility.

Scott Pelley: Are you worried about voting away from the Democrats, ensuring that President Trump has a second term?

Howard Schultz: I want to see the American people win. I want to see America win. I don't care if you are a Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Republican. Take your ideas with me. And I want to be an independent person who will embrace these ideas. Because I'm by no means in bed with a party.

We met Howard Schultz this month in his adopted hometown of Seattle. It was here in 1981 that he came as a stranger in the Pike Place Market to visit the original Starbucks, just a small shop selling coffee beans.

Scott Pelley: You sold coffee machines, living in New York, and This was one of your customers. Why did you come out here to visit them?

Howard Schultz: The thing is, I had never heard of Starbucks. And they bought many of these products. And I thought I had to come to Seattle and see who this company was.

How he created the phenomenon we know is a story beyond the line at Starbucks. It's enough to say that Schultz got a job behind this counter. He installed an espresso machine. And in 1987, with borrowed money, he bought the store.

Scott Pelley: How many stores are there today?

Howard Schultz: Nearly 30,000 in 77 countries.

A good success with some bitter notes. Starbucks was almost broken in the 2007 financial crisis.

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<p>  Howard Schultz: We had a moral commitment as a company to discuss this. </p>
<p>  Scott Pelley: And then you were exoriated to have a coffee sh up tell people what it is about humanity. </p>
<p>  Howard Schultz: The execution was wrong. And who owns that execution? I do because I was the one who pushed us not to play it safe. </p>
<p>  But from the beginning, 350,000 employees had a break with Schultz's social agenda. </p>
<p>  They enjoy health insurance, training assistance and stock. </p>
<p>  Schultz likes to say that he created the company his poor parents never had the chance to work for. </p>
<p>  Howard Schultz: When I read statistics that say over 40 percent of US people don't have $ 400 in the bank and just a bankruptcy crisis, or five and a half million children in America, many of whom are African American and Latino is not at school and not at work and has no chance, and one in six people in America is unsure of food, this is what I am thinking of. </p>
<p>  These gloomy figures describe their own childhood. </p>
<p>  Howard Schultz: This place has never left me. I think it has defined my character, my vulnerability </p>
<p>  Schultz took us back in time to his youth home, </p>
<p>  Scott Pelley: And this is the way up to the seventh floor. </p>
<p>  A Brooklyn, New York, public housing project. His family was already poor when his father was injured at work. Without insurance, they were poor. And bitterness led to violence. </p>
<p>  Scott Pelley: Your father hit you with his fists. </p>
<p>  Howard Schultz: There were moments when there was physical abuse, yes. </p>
<p>  Scott Pelley: He hit you up when you took a shower. And you ended up curled on the floor of the shower and looked at your blood in the drainage. At that moment, you thought what? </p>
<p>  Howard Schultz: I was 15. I was disrespectful to my mother. He came home and hit me a lot. I couldn't go to school for a couple of days. I was angry, upset. </p>
<p>  Scott Pelley: Did you have? </p>
<p>  Howard Schultz: I'm sure there were moments when I did it. And then there were glorious moments of being in the forefront of bleachers at Yankee Stadium with him. There is a level of hatred that arises. But it didn't. </p>
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His journey has been mapped in a new autobiography entitled "From the Ground Up."

Scott Pelley: If your father was dark, Mom was the light.

Howard Schultz: She was. And my self-confidence came from my mother. And I could say that – if her mother were here, if my mother – for her it would be the greatest moment in her life, to think. Because one of the things that has been so difficult for me is that both my parents didn't understand my ccess at Starbucks. Maybe I'm here because of her.

Scott Pelley: Well, let me see if I can figure out where you're at some of the issues that push in the country. Immigration.

Howard Schultz: The country is primarily based on humanity, justice, kindness, we have been in 200 plus a country of immigrants. And for the 11 million people here unauthorized, it should be a fair and just way for them to queue, pay taxes, pay taxes and become citizens of the United States.

Scott Pelley: Climate Change. [19659005] Howard Schultz: A huge mistake, again, by President Trump, to leave Paris Climate Accord.

Scott Pelley: Healthcare.

Scott Pelley: Every American deserves the right to access quality health care. But what the Democrats suggest is something that is as false as the wall. And there is free health care for everyone that the country cannot afford.

Scott Pelley: The tax deduction in 2018.

Howard Schultz: I would not have given a free trip to the business, from 35 percent or 37 percent to 21 percent. It would have been more modest. But I would have been paying close attention to those most in need of tax relief, who are the ones I talked about earlier that didn't have $ 400 in the bank.

Scott Pelley: Many people should ask what makes coffee entrepreneur know about being supreme?

Howard Schultz: I have a long history to recognize, I'm not the smartest person in the room, to make good decisions about complex issues, I must recruit and attract people who are smarter than me and more experienced, skilled, and We must create an understanding that we need a creative debate in space to make such decisions.

His worldview is shaped by his experience as a global CEO.

Howard Schultz: Is it in our national interest to fight with Mexico, Canada, the EU, China, NATO? Is it in our interest? Give me a break. No, it's not in our interest. These are our friends. These are our allies. We are much better, like a country that is part of the world order.

<img src = "×349/d7a00e2eaee999e3c1eb889d17a1dc7a/schultz-12. jpg # "alt =" schultz-12.jpg "height =" 349 "width =" 620 "class =" lazyload "data-srcset =" 01/27 /86031962-fe91-440e-a42c-79b0f166b858/thumbnail/620×349/d7a00e2eaee999e3c1eb889d17a1dc7a/schultz-12.jpg 1x, -fe91- 440e-a42c-79b0f166b858 / thumbnail / 1240×698 / ae65335c7d5dfd5840d39fd774c72c72 / schultz-12.jpg 2x "srcset =" data: image / svg + xml,% 3Csvg% 20xmlns% 3D & # 39; http% 3A% 2F% 2Fwww. 2F2000 Sheri and Howard Schultz

Schultz formed his alliance with his wife Sheri when they were married more than 36 years ago, today they have a son and a daughter, two grandchildren and another on their way. schultz monitors the family's $ 200 million charity connecting junior youth and veterans with jobs pray.

Scott Pelley: This is a long, rocky road, running for president. Is this something you want to do?

Sheri Schultz: Well, it was not in my plan, my long-term life plan sure.

Scott Pelley: Did he tell you or did he ask you?

Sheri Schultz: No, he asked. He came to the family. We knew it was serious –

Howard Schultz: I'm still – I'm still asking.

Sheri Schultz: He still asks and many family meetings.

He still asks himself if he should run. But he has gathered a campaign team and he has done the homework.

Scott Pelley: Can You Make Choices In All 50 States?

Howard Schultz: If I decide to run for president, I will not only be on the ballot paper of all states, all 50 states, but we are on the ballot in each county, in each district, that we have done the work .

Scott Pelley: Would stores be part of this? Should there be a Schultz 2020 button on every green apron across the country?

Howard Schultz: Uh, no it would be a complete distinction between me and the company.

Scott Pelley: What we know is that no independent has ever come close to winning.

Howard Schultz: What we know is actually that over 40 percent of voters are either registered independent or currently associated with themselves as an independent. Because the American people are exhausted. Their trust is broken. And they are looking for a better choice.

Scott Pelley: What effect do you think Jewish would have on your campaign?

Howard Schultz: I have great faith in the goodness and goodness of the American people. We chose an African-American president. I'm old enough to remember in 1960 when John F. Kennedy ran and there was a hope that no Catholic would be president. I'm Jewish, I have faith in God. I don't run like a Jew if I decide to run for President I run as an American that happens to be Jewish.


Scott Pelley: Your net worth is somewhat close to $ 3.5 billion and Forbes magazine will tell you there is more money than Donald Trump hair. Are you willing to use what it takes to win?

Howard Schultz: Well, I say this way, we will be fully resourceful to do what is necessary.

Scott Pelley: Winning can cost $ 30 0 million, $ 500 million.

Howard Schultz: No.

Scott Pelley: Do you want to drop your returns?

Howard Schultz: 100 percent. Yes.

Scott Pelley: Well, Donald Trump said it.

Howard Schultz: I want to. We can do it today if you want Scott.

Decades ago, housewares chief Howard Schultz fell for the traditions of Seattle's Pike Place Market. Some traditions are slimmer than others. Now he is a challenging tradition and asks if the Americans will throw old policies into fresh hands.

Scott Pelley: You know it's "on" after this interview. President Trump will be tweeting at 8:00 am Eastern Time.

Howard Schultz: You know, I am –

Scott Pelley: Must say terrible things about you.

Howard Schultz: I think, like most, I am, I've got tired of President Trump and his tweets.

Produced by Ashley Velie. Associate producer, Dina Zingaro.

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