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How to tweet via SMS rather than using the Twitter app

On Friday night, his account tweeted about a dozen racist and insulting tweets over 20 minutes. Reason? Hackers could access his account through SIM hacking.

SIM hacking is really a hacking technique where hackers can get a person's phone number assigned to a new SIM card that is in a phone they control. Hackers do it all themselves on an operator's website, and making it happen is often as easy as cracking your Verizon or AT&T password.

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At a basic level, the hack is a solid reminder that we should all secure mobile carrier accounts with a unique unique password as well as perhaps a PIN. It's also a reminder of another thing: You can tweet via SMS .

In the early days of Twitter, there was no smartphone app. After all, Twitter launched in March 2006, and the first iPhone did not appear until June 29, 2007. And even with the launch of the first iPhone, not everyone had it. Most were still rocking mobile phones with just one keyboard. Enter SMS Tweeting.

While most of us use an app now if we want to tweet from our phone, the feature is still there. To use it, all you need to do is have your smartphone number linked to your Twitter account, something you've probably already done to set up something like two-factor authentication (you've set up two-factor authentication, right?).

When connected, you just need to send what you want to tweet to the Twitter short code for your particular country y.

In the United States, you will send a text to 40404. When you do, the message will be tweeted from your account, just as if you had typed it into the Twitter website or app.

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