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How to delete harvested contacts from Facebook

We have previously reported on Facebook's irresponsible handling of the user's email contacts. This ambiguity for privacy has already launched a four-storm for the Silicon Valley giant, but the total extent of the damage is not even fully known yet. Moreover, the company still does not say where the data has gone since they were uploaded without the users' consent.

Although Facebook no longer uses the erroneous login that caused the entire debate, most of those who had their contacts reaped by Facebook would not know unless the company decides to email them the problem personally. Fortunately, there is a solution that not only allows users to see if their contacts were uploaded, but also allows you to delete them.

If you opened a new Facebook account at any time since 2016, your data has been collected. Checking the status of your information is always a good practice – even if it is only for security. I'll show you all the steps to get your data along with how to delete it from Facebook's hungry servers.

How to check if Facebook uploaded your contacts

If you are not eager to wait for an official statement From Facebook, you can check the status of your contacts using Facebook settings. If you are logged in to your smartphone, tap the hamburger icon that looks like three lines and select " Settings " from here. On the desktop, click the down arrow and select Settings .

Then you have to find the section " Your Facebook Information " and click "] Access your information " Here is a section that reads " Information about you . " If you choose " About You ," you can access your address book and your contacts.

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On this page of uploaded contacts you see contacts that Facebook has imported. If you see contacts there, you have the option to " Delete All " and remove them from Facebook's servers for good. If no one is present, you are ready – but continue reading to find out how to unlock your privacy settings.

How to stop Facebook from capturing your email addresses and contacts

Facebook's data collection can be stopped, but you have to do it on every device you own individually. As boring as it sounds, it's worth keeping you and your loved ones out of Facebook's waking eyes.

To begin, you will press the hamburger icon again and go to " Settings and Privacy ." You will enter Settings "from here. Inside this menu is a section called" Media and Contacts . "A Button Reading" Uploading Contacts "Allows Facebook to collect your contact data.

Leaving this button on Facebook, corresponds to the consent that your data is being harvested, it is probably mentioned somewhere in epic terms and conditions document that no one expects you to read, but for now , just turn it off. You'll be glad you did.

Facebook exploited enough user data again

It's no secret that big data in today's world is big business. Your information is collected, cataloged, analyzed and fed through algorithms Designed to make money on all your moves While virtually every tech giant wants to collect as much data from their users as possible, the poster child for this exercise is still Facebook, now Facebook needs to answer some serious questions Not even 4,000 documents leaked to the press.

Press or click to see how much trouble Facebook is in.

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