How To Actually Use New Ford Super Duty's Ridiculous Capacity Specifications

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Ford has revised the mighty Super Duty truck lineup, otherwise known as the "F-250 and up." Each new truck pulled out seems to come with insanely high payloads and towing capacity requirements, and these are no different . £ 37,000? What the hell weighs 37,000 pounds, man.

When Ford's press release boasted about this huge towing rating and a maximum payload of 7,850 pounds, I noticed the community of people commenting on cars on Twitter had reactions ranging from "why" to "who uses this?"

There aren't really any recreational scenarios where you have to pull the weight of several African bush elephants, and you couldn't even legally drive around with more than 26,000 pounds between your truck and trailer without a commercial driver's license.

A U-Haul car trailer with a car on it can weigh 7500 pounds. Many caravans are less than half that. Even a sailboat on a trailer is likely to be under 10,000 pounds.

But if you need a vehicle for work, like commercial freight, not a Sunday Home Depot race, you can actually run toward 37,000 pounds of trailer. As Jalopnik contributor and live car index lexicon Bozi Tatarevic tweeted in response to some puzzling questions:

Let us, of course, recognize reality as Ford's new "37,000 pounds" capacity the requirement only applies to specific configurations of the new Super Duty trucks, and the number is certainly utilized in marketing to lure saint warriors who definitely do not need the kind of traction for dealers to eventually buy something with four full doors, leather seats and a relatively small cargo bed.

But the fact remains: there are extreme capacity applications, as the example above.

In terms of 7,850 pounds of payload, I have to admit that I initially struggled to imagine what could possibly be so heavy that would also fit in a pickup bed, but a few seconds of random Googling proved that things apparently is heavier than I thought. [19659006] A Ford F-350 single bed with long bed, 2020, a truck Ford claims can carry 7,800 pounds, has 78.5 cubic meters of volume in its eight-meter cargo box.

For example, Strandsand weighs about 95 kilos per cubic foot. Then fill your F-350 to the brim with sand, and boom, you're already approaching the £ 7,460 limit.

Of course, something like steel is much heavier – which can weigh nearly 500 pounds per cubic foot. And even though you obviously couldn't fill every crack in your truck's bed with steel, you only need to fill about a fifth of it with heavy steel to hit your payload mix.

Also important – a cubic foot of water, about 7.5 liters, is just over 62 pounds. So, you could theoretically use this F-350 bed as a hot tub!

Photo : Ford [19659019] The point is that although it seems like Ford, Chevy and Ram is stuck in a meaningless battle for arbitrary demands for extreme truck specification, there is actually some use for the upper end of modern truck features.

Don't get too wrapped up in big flashy numbers when shopping for a truck for weekend jobs and towing cars. You don't need a maximum capacity that is thousands of kilos over what your truck is designed to be safe, you just need the truck to be well maintained so that it works to its original specification as intended.

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