How the new Tesla chairman Robyn Denholm thinks of leadership

Tesla is among the most short-term US stocks and has a high level of debt, and eventually a profitable quarter has never been able to maintain profitability. Critics say it needs to develop its production and logistics capabilities well before it ever will live up to the strong stock price.

Denholm talked about business transformation in a video interview in March.

"I think the transformation Sometimes it's a breakthrough, but for me it's really a very important skill setting to change the way a business performs, whether it's from an industrial perspective or if it's just the next phase of the company's journey." To me, it always starts with the people. Where are we from a business perspective? What is the strategy we are trying to call? And then make sure people understand where the company is trying to go and what it is necessary from a transformation perspective. And then I think it's a core ingredient, and then it's very clear. Then strategy people and then make sure that people understand the technique and what business processes are as you try to transform to achieve all that. "

" I think you've never been transformed, "she added later in the interview." So, it's one of the things you start on a certain path, and at that point you've finished that part of the road, If you want, then you are moving on to the next part where you are transformers. "

-Edward McKinley, especially to

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