How quickly the batteries on popular electronics die

To estimate a potential death date for these devices, we scoured each manufacturer’s website, then asked the companies two key questions: First, how many empty-to-full recharges — or “cycles” — can the product’s battery take until its capacity drops to 80 percent? (After that point, batteries usually degrade quickly.) Second, what options does an owner have to repair or replace the battery in the device when it is no longer under warranty?

For example, Bose said its popular QC noise-canceling headphones last 20 hours per charge and can take 500 full charges. So for someone who used the headphones 5 days a week, we estimated that their headphones could start to die in 5 years ̵[ads1]1; with no official service option to replace the battery.

Several manufacturers declined to share the number of battery cycles. We also took into account our own experience with products, and published reports from other reviewers and users.

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