How Much Can Ndamukong Suh Help Vita Vea?

When Tampa Bay Buccaneers prepared Gerald McCoy's third superior back in the NFL Draft 2010, it was clear that he would be the focus of the defense.

One can argue for the same point when Bucs took Vita Vea 12. collected in the 2018 draft.

McCoy is no longer on the rooster, but Vea remains. Regardless of the reasons, why is it Vea's job to think the line of defense.

Vea is arguably the biggest key to Buc's defense in 2019. His development will help determine how effective the unit can be and without McCoy, it was not easy.

But Bucs was able to take in Ndamukong Suh who was going to slip straight in and take McCoy's place because he is actually better suited to this defense.

More importantly, Suh's presence will help Vea tremendously. Perhaps he will even help accelerate Vea's learning curve.

Los Angeles Rams used Suh over the entire line of defense last year, as Bucs should – and probably will – do. Not only will they be one of the league's strongest defensive interiors, but they can also play one another.

Hopefully, Suh's versatility will allow Vea to come to the quarterback often in 2019, which he showed he could do in 2018.

Vea's main responsibility in Mike Smith's defense was to eat up blocks. Look at the play below and you will see what I mean.

As you can see, there were times when this worked, but you do not take a nostril 12. assembled to be a complementary piece or room eater. Arians know this, and that's precisely why he took Suh – to make Vea the player he is supposed to be.

It's no secret that Vea is an absolute animal on the football field. He has an excellent combination of speed and strength for a man of his size – he is 6-foot-4, 347-pounds – and he really improved his game towards the end of the 2018 season.

Of course, the first thought that comes to mind is getting him to pick holes and take up space for his teammates to fly around and make games, but it's more than just the size of Veas games.

This is a perfect example of how agile the great man is. He is able to stop at a penny and hunt down Redskins quarterback Alex Smith – who is pretty mobile – to the backpack.

Here's a better look in slow motion. Vea basically starts on the hedge of Bucs & # 39; logo on the midfield. Morgan Moses, Redskin's right tackle (# 76) is who's on Vea.

See how he can suddenly stop, accelerate and hunt down Smith. Hashmarks are 18-foot-6-inch wide in the NFL. Vea is on the left hash and Smith is on the right when Vea begins the hunt.

It's pretty impressive. Sure, Vea did not have much reason to cover as Smith – Vea had to drive about six feet while Smith had to run 10 meters – but the ability to stop and move laterally is not common for interior defensive linemen. [19659017] With this kind of agility, Vea can certainly be more than a run-stuffer – he can also be a passport rusher. It will be fun to see how Todd Bowles uses both in his defense.

On this bag, he shows his strength when he drives Joe Staley while the JPP is performing stunt. But if you put a lot of emphasis on it, there's another factor in the game that helps Vea take down the quarterback – beyond the broad-mindedness and ability to shrink 3-tech.

McCoy takes a double layer that allows Vea and JPP to get 1v1 matchup that every passing rusher dreams of.

Take a look at the piece below and see if you find any similarities:

Suh draws the double layer, which gives Donald 1v1. We've seen Vea pull twice before, but to see Suh it means that other players – including Vea – will be able to take pressure from other areas.

This one is beautiful because the Viking center Pat Elfein literally has to pick his poison between Donald and Suh, as I am sure Bucs hopes to achieve with Vea.

As Vea becomes more established as passing-rusher, Bucs will be able to use these broad adjustments more often.

Interior printing is what keys some of the most successful defenders in today's NFL and Bucs now have the potential to create destruction inside.

And this is of the subject – BUT – just for fun, here is another example of how Todd Bowles can use Suh in this defense. Bowle's defense has much of the same features as Wade Phillips & # 39; Rams.

Suh extends wide on the left side of the line of defense and uses some quick hands to strike straight, thank Rashod Hill at the top of the bow to get the bag.

And here's a last video another example of how Suh's versatility can help Vea. In this way, he stands up on 1-tech, which means Donald can mane 3-tech. If you remember from the previous video, Vea showed he could actually take down opposing quarterbacks from the same place, then again – why shouldn't Bucs be able to pull it off?

Now I realize that Vea is not Donald – nobody is.

But this example shows how Bowles are allowed to have flexibility and versatility in their list.

Suh is better suited to this defense than McCoy and Vea will reap some great dividends throughout the season.


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