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The play of turkey dinners and collections around the television for football is doorbusters and designer merchandise, which is reduced by half the price. Additionally, people across the United States are enjoying the couch to shop for the Black Friday offerings online right after eating Thanksgiving dinner. That's right: Thursday is the new Black Friday.

Each year, national news agencies inform the public about retailers who want to open on Thanksgiving Day, giving customers the opportunity to decide if they want to add the trend of online shopping or take advantage of the campaigns in the store. As the online trend grows stronger, some retailers choose from the early opening trends and focus on marketing and selling online.

In addition, according to Adobe Analytics, Monday after Thanksgiving, known as Cyber ​​Monday, is expected to bring $ 7.8 billion in sales this year, making it the largest online shopping day in the United States.

According to the National Retail Foundation, it is expected to increase between 4.3 percent and 4.8 percent last year. NRF CEO Matthew Shay said that this season's holiday stay will continue to reflect the growth in sales that has taken place over the years due to a healthy economy and strong consumer confidence.

Beverly Vallery, Goody's Shop Manager at 271[ads1]3 E Harding Avenue in 2713 E Harding Avenue Pine Bluff said that, with sales online, sales to Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are stable.

"We credit online sales and it helps a lot," she said. "There are many things we do not wear in the store that we have online. If a customer is looking for something they saw online and we do not have it in the store, we can order it for them through our registers or they order it home and have sent it to the store. Some customers prefer shopping at the store because they can try the item so if we do not have the particular item they're looking for, we can find them something like buying or testing so they know what size to order. It really helps to get that option. "

While many retailers worried about opening on Thanksgiving Day, Vallery said it contributes to their success on Black Friday.

"We opened from noon to an o clock in the morning on Thanksgiving Day and then reopened at 6 o'clock on Friday, said Vallery." We had no one at 10 o'clock on Thursday but before we were busy. Thanksgiving is one of our biggest days with our sales running about the same as Black Friday – we do about the same, but sometimes we do more on Thanksgiving. Very few stores were open on this side of town on Thanksgiving. We even opened an hour before JC Penney. "

LaTonya Carter, acting with her two daughters, made use of the Black Friday agreements for things she wanted for herself.

" I have not been anywhere else, I just got started, but They have some very good deals … before I go somewhere else, I will come back here, "said Carter.

Less than a block away, merchants in Pines Mall complained about a decline in traffic due to JC Penney, who recently closed the doors to the shopping mall. An employee of Bath & Body Works, located just outside JC Penney, said that customers could not shop in both stores without having to go back outside the mall, hurting their sales enormously despite their big sales.

Larry Kirkland, owner of LKC Luxury a few suites down from Bath & Body Works, agreed.

"We used to be down at Dillard, and what made us hurt here is JC Penney closed the doors inside the shopping mall," Kirkland said. "It's one of the biggest things that has hurt this shopping mall. We did not open early or run any kind of Black Friday campaign because we are the only store in Arkansas that offers the authentic high-end goods we carry, so we can pretty much get our price. "

Kirkland, whose store sells athletic shoes and other clothing, said they have more online success than they do in the store, but it is important for him to have a shop presence in Pine Bluff. He is one of many instagrams who have set up a business on the social media platform that hosts 1 billion active users from June 2018.

"Ninety percent of our business is outside the US, we hardly get any local business, we get something to do in smoking rentals and photography, but the sales we get for our urban designer goods are online … our overhead is low and we're from here so we wanted our home office to be in Pine Bluff, Kirkland said.

"People have asked us to move to Little Rock, Fayetteville, Dallas, but because we mostly buy and ship, we really only need a warehouse … we like the mall because we're going to pick up some extra clientele from people like just passing by looking for brands like Yeezy and Supreme. "

Kirkland said he hopes that JC Penney's decision to reopen his doors.

" I think it would be better if these doors were open because many older people who shop at JC Penney might go to Bath & Body Works, GNC or our store, "said Kirkland.

" They can cut through JC Penny instead of having to go through the mall. Many older people have said they would not mind shopping at the mall if there was security. You will be in a place that is well lit and where traffic goes in and out, so there is a problem with them closing the doors. One of the employees shared with me that it was because of theft, why they were closed, but it makes no sense because they have internal security, so I'm not sure if that's the reason, but everywhere I think it's coming to to be a good year for us. "

Calling JC Penney if the store's closure of the mall entrance was not returned before the press time.

Another local high-end retailer who experienced success because of their storefront and online presence is Sissys Log Cabin. Alan McCubbin, store manager said last year's Cyber ​​Monday was a success and with the amount of traffic they received on Black Friday, he did not think this year will succeed with the same success.

"This year we have been busy all day for black friday. We've seen everyone from the person who uses $ 100 to the one who uses $ 70,000. We hope both, "said McCubbin." You can not shop on our website but you can look at our selection and get in the store and we can take care of it so we do not have sales online to compete with – You must come to see us. "

While Black Friday has been considered the biggest shopping day of the year, it is now a week long event with some retailers who start selling earlier or extend them to the following week, which enters Cyber ​​Monday.

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