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Here's why the stock market's big bounce doesn't mean that investors will leave the bear

Market piplash is something to see these days.

That 1000-point rally market handed down Dow on Wednesday is threatening to unravel in a market lacking traders and some harsh news. But before we move on, the denizens of Financial Twitter will stop everyone from obsessing the point, as they are misleading in terms of tracking trends:

The prevailing view now seems to be that the 5% gain for the S & P 500 and just as big wins for the rest amounts to nothing more than a sucker rally. And such a market can work very well for experienced, fast-as-a-whip traders, but less good for private investors:

More numbers. The S&P jump was the 18th largest single-day increase for the index since 1970, notes Russ Mold, AJ Bell's investment director. But eight of them "came under the bear market 2007-2009 and three during the downturn in 2000-2003, to suggest that there is still a risk that this year's Boxing Day bonanza could only be a vicious bear trap set to lure investors into more trouble

Our call of the day says that investors must be much more patient than a child in the Christian era if they want to see the bottom come in for stocks and an appearance resume. It comes from Dan Wantrobski, research director at Janney, who says he expects him to come down 20% from the hills before he gets a "meaningful bottom".

He bases this on a chart that overlays S & P's performance from 1943 to 1946, showing how the market reacted before a ten-year increase in bond yields to what was in 2015 to present, if the last period continues to track the former, investors can see a low-established, so-called "volatility in the form of a crooked, multi-month base city" gigging process that can take months before it gets higher again. "

Janney / Bloomberg

Wantrobski also noted that" deeply-sold conditions "are in place for 80% of NYSE shares right now and while surrender is coming closer, it needed a "series" of 90% days to "wash out weaker hands and tee Busy attractive valuations for new buyers. "[Overshadowedconditionspromiseatleastonetradeaheadasweapproachthenewyear-butfornowbebuckledasweprobablyhaveseveralmilestotravelinthiscorrectioncycle"hesaysholdingontotoolsfounderhealthcareREITsandgoldsilveranddollar


There is a sea of ​​red for Dow

YMH9, -1.70%

S & P 500

ESH9, -1.68%

and Nasdaq

NQH9, -1.65%

futures. It's the Wednesday's strong rally for Dow

DJIA, + 4.98%

S & P 500

SPX, + 4.96%

and Nasdaq

COMP, + 5.84%



DXY, -0.14%

and crude oil


is also pushing, with gold



Check out market coverage for more coverage

European shares

SXXP, -1.05%

dates back to a longer holiday holiday and sagging. In Asia, Nikkei

NIK, + 3.88%

logged a 3.9% gain, but China shares

SHCOMP, -0.61%

fell 0.6% as data showed a sharp decline in industrial production.

The map

Everything you ever wanted to know about the market bottom, but was afraid to ask, was offered in our chart of the day from Irrelevant Investor's Michael Batnick, who has so many to choose from:

March 1978, which he describes as "the most endless bottom ever", which meant a 1% gain and a 1% decline for Dow. On the day that the index pile up, the gain increased to 0.16%:

Michael Batnick

And from the "market is not the bottom of this" category, this 4.7% gain for Dow in October 1997 takes: [19659033] Micheal Batnick

Check the rest on Batnick's blog here.


On the trade front, Bloomberg reports midlevel, face to face conversations between Beijing and Washington officials will take place the week of January 7. At the same time, the Trump administration is approaching an executive order to ban US companies from using China's Huawei telecommunications equipment

002502, -3.63%

or ZTE

000063, + 0.20%

says Reuters.

Buzz builds for Netflix s

NFLX, + 8.46%

"Black Mirror" freestanding movie "Bandersnatch", which is set to debut Friday.


Weekly unemployed claims will hit early, along with consumer confidence, but the termination does not matter new sales data.

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