Here's what Google employees are "banned" from doing at work – Focus on work: Google for employees

  Work Focus: Google for Employees

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Work Focus: Google for Employees

Google asked employees to focus on work instead for heated debates about politics with colleagues in the internet company, who have long been known to encourage people to speak their minds.

Updated workplace guidelines for "Googlers" asked them to be responsible, helpful, and thoughtful during exchanges on internal message boards or other discussion boards.


  New Guidelines
"While sharing information and ideas with colleagues helps to build community, disrupt the working day to have a furious debate on politics or recent news history does not," the updated guidelines.

"Our primary responsibility is to do the work we each have been hired to not spend working hours debating non-work topics." [19659008] AP

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What is the logic behind it?

The updated guidelines pointed out that internal comments by Google employees, regardless of intention, could is published and errors are attributed to the company, which leads to the wrong impression.

"We are all free to raise concerns and respect and discuss the company's activities – it is part of our culture," the guidelines state.

"Passport on not make false or misleading statements about Google products or activities which may undermine confidence in our products and the work that we do. "

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Leaders or moderators of the forums were asked to intervene if the policy was violated, revoked comments, ended discussions or even took disciplinary action.

US President Donald Trump revived his criticism of Google this month, citing a fired engineer who claimed the internet giant was working on his reelection. [1 9659018] The comments were the latest from the US leader, and claimed without evidence that the Silicon Valley giants are distorting search and social feeds to


  Baseless claims
Trump has attacked Google on several occasions, demanding bias against him and his supporters.

Google repeated the claim that these allegations are baseless.

Over the years, Google employees have challenged the company on issues including workplace sexual harassment; bidding on US defense or Immigration agencies; and the potential to tailor its online search engine to use on China's highly censored internet.

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