Here's how investors want to know that the market has bottomed

A number of technical and anecdotal signs will tell investors that the stock market has seen its true bottom after its brutal October turns, CN Cracker Jim Cramer said Thursday when stocks seemed to recover.

Some of the technical signs already seem to indicate a bottom already said the" Mad Money "host. The CBOE volatility index, also known as the market fear index, has hit its peak and made a lower rate in recent weeks, which means that the worst of the pain can be over, he said.

Furthermore, the S & P oscillator follows Cramer when there is too much sales pressure indicating that The market is oversold, even as Cramer saw Some rooms for more sales.

But due to anecdotal signs, the "Mad Money" host was not sure that the negativity had peaked. He pointed to his Twitter feed ̵[ads1]1; not as negative as he wanted – and the front of the New York Times.

"The New York Times has an article about t markets losses on the front page but it's just a column bit and it is stuck on the left side, buried, not the highest peak where the eye your natural course, "he said." Usually, the pain tends to stop just when The newspapers are starting to provide wall-to-wall coverage. "

So, there's more common media coverage of Wall Street losses and satellite loads sent from the New York Stock Exchange, Cramer is loathe to call a bottom for october sales.

"We have not reached the negative negatives that I would like to see, but our best mappers say the bottom can be here," he said. "My intestines say that you can like this market for a trade, but unless something fundamentally changes with the White House or the Federal Reserve, it's just a trade because the bloodbath could come up again at any time."

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