Here is a first look at HBO Max's interface

HBO Max, AT & T's upcoming $ 15 monthly streaming service, looks nothing like the HBO Now counterpart.

Here's a brief tour:

AT&T and WarnerMedia showed off their first look at their product interface at a special investor event today, with Andy Forssell, executive vice president and CEO, talks about the importance of human curation, rather than just relying on algorithms like Netflix and other competitors. That's why HBO's “Recommended by Humans” feature, which the company launched earlier this year, gets a big boost on HBO Max. Celebrities will now have pages where they can list their own recommendations. HBO Max customers can then use the recommendation pages to select a movie or TV series directly from that celebrity's profile.

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HBO Max will offer podcasts based on certain shows Chernobyl was used in the example). These podcasts will be found on the app and can be listened to while on the go. These podcasts will also lead to suggested recommendations based on the show the podcast is talking about.

Leaders in the company talked about how integrated having a user-friendly interface and clean look will be for HBO Max's success. Netflix originally set the tone for how a streaming service should look and feel, even though Apple TV Plus and Disney + have offered their own unique requirements to post the titles since. The Verge had the opportunity to go hand-in-hand with Disney + during the company's two-year D23 fan convention in Anaheim and noticed that although elegant and sleepy, it also felt empty. We wrote at the time:

The biggest takeaway from going practical with Disney + is that it feels familiar. Between Netflix and Hulu (not to mention the many niche services), power users have become accustomed to a fairly standardized interface and set of features on streaming platforms. As streaming wars heat up – as WarnerMedia's HBO Max, NBCUniversal and even Apple prepare to launch their own streaming services – it feels like apart from price and content, the user experience will be one of the biggest factors in deciding who comes out on top.

Apple TV + does not have the same catalog of movies and TV shows that HBO Max and Disney + will release, so it is focused instead on the limited series, but HBO Max launches with more than 10,000 titles, including Max Originals, past WarnerMedia titles and licensed series such as the entire South Park catalog and the Studio Ghibli collection of animated films.

HBO's new streaming service aims to get half of programming aimed at young millennials, and the other half is split between family entertainment and adult-directed series.

HBO Max launches in 2020.

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