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Hello America, are you ready for electric mopeds? Because here they come!

Electric scooter or moped sharing has been around in the United States for some years now, but it is getting ready to explode. It is thanks to one of the largest operators, Revel, that landed a huge $ 27.6 million investment round.

Revel started last summer with a fleet of just 68 MUVI electric scooters in NYC.

The scooters were freely floating, similar to bird and lime scooters, and can be rented at the moment using the smartphone. But unlike bird and lime scooters, these downed scooters were designed to travel at city speeds of 48 km / h and actually share the road with cars instead of being relegated to bike lanes.

A year later, Revel switched to NIU electric scooters and pitched its fleet to 1

,000 vehicles in Brooklyn and Queens.

Soon after, it expanded to Washington, DC.

And it was all about early stage or seed funding. Now, Revel has announced that it has just finished a $ 27.6 million financing round in Series A, and plans to expand much further in the United States.

And based on some hidden job ads, it looks like a city in Texas – probably Austin, may be the first on the list of cities Revel is heading to next, according to a report on Thinknum.

 revel electric moped

Frank Reig, CEO and co-founder of Revel said in a statement sent to Electrek :

“Our biggest lesson from New York and Washington are that Revel works for cities as they exist today. They work for our riders. They work for our regulators who seek ways to improve their transport networks, not disrupt them. This funding will assist on a responsible scale Revel 's footprint in the United States. ”

One of the things I've always liked about Revel's setup is that they actually try to make the process as safe as possible. Riders must be licensed drivers who are 21 years of age or older and must pass a secure check history before being approved for the program. Revel claims that about one in twelve applicants is denied on the basis of the application's background check.

 revel Electric Scooter

And while Revel is preparing to expand across the country with its newly recovered cash, a number of other electric scooter and moped operators are active in other US cities.

Scoot has been active in San Francisco for many years while Scoobi is in his second year in Pittsburgh. And Muving also finds success in Atlanta.

Now the stage is underway for even more expansion as Americans finally begin to embrace electric scooters like these in large numbers.

Electrek's Take

In case you didn't realize it, $ 27.6 million can buy many electric scooters. I don't know for sure what kind of prices Revel gets from NIU on its N-Sharing model that Revel uses, but I guess there are around 12,000 to 15,000 cars if it all goes to scooter procurement.

And here's how I feel about this: In general, I think moped moped sharing programs like Revel are an asset to cities and an improvement over lime and bird electric scooter sharing.

I should note that also, generally speaking, I am still a fan of Bird and Lime. Sure, they have their problems. But they are an effective, efficient and fun form of low-cost transport in densely crowded cities.

But while electric scooters work well for 1-2 mile rides, electric mopeds and seat scooters like Revels are great for longer trips and in areas where you want to walk on roads that run at higher speeds.

On top of that, they have a number of other benefits. Riders can carry a passenger, helmets are equipped (usually paper bags of sanitary hair net), they do not get in the way of pedestrians on sidewalks or cyclists in bicycle lanes, and they force riders to be a little more responsible for both riding and parking.

And finally, I think sharing programs like electric mopeds and scooters like these are important because they help Americans realize that owning an electric scooter is actually a good idea – something Europeans have already figured out. Electric scooters and mopeds are a much better way to get around the city and help reduce traffic for everyone, not just the scooter riders. Just as Bird showed Americans that electric scooters are actually pretty decent commuter cars and kicked by a wave of private scooter ownership, so can Revel help Americans realize that they should buy an electric moped or scooter.

What do you think about electric scooter and moped sharing? Do you hate that I call them mopeds? Do you have a better word that does not confuse them with kick scooters? Why doesn't English have another word for kick scooters and sit on scooters when so many other languages ​​have figured this out? Why so many questions? Give me some answers in the comments below!

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