Hawaii sees 3,875 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total state to 147,099

Hawaii Department of Health officials reported 3,875 new confirmed and probable coronavirus infections today, bringing the state’s total number since the start of the pandemic to 147,099 cases.

No new virus-related deaths were reported today, so the state death toll for COVID-19 is still 1105.

The state’s official coronavirus-related death toll includes 811 deaths on Oahu, 157 on the island of Hawaii, 105 on Maui, 19 on Kauai, two on Molokai and 11 Hawaii residents who died outside the state.

Hawaii Department of Health investigators find out the vaccination status of each positive case in retrospect, which is why these statistics are not included side by side in the daily number of cases, officials have previously said.

The US coronavirus-related death toll today is over 834,000 and the nationwide infection rate is more than 59.5 million.

Today̵[ads1]7;s new confirmed and probable infection rates per island include 2761 new cases on Oahu, 348 on Hawaii Island, 564 on Maui, 134 on Kauai, 11 on Molokai, nine on Lanai and 48 Hawaii residents diagnosed outside the state.

The state health authorities have included probable infections in the total number of cases. Probable infections include people who never received a confirmatory test but who are believed to have had the virus due to their known exposure and symptoms or due to a positive antigen test.

The daily infection statistics are usually from cases reported to the state two days earlier.

The total number of confirmed and probable coronavirus cases per island since the onset of the eruption is 104,574 on Oahu, 16,099 on Hawaii Island, 16,168 on Maui, 5,447 on Kauai, 537 on Molokai and 264 on Lanai. There are also 4,010 Hawaii residents diagnosed outside the state.

Health authorities also said today that of the state’s total infection numbers, 41,725 ​​cases were considered active. Officials say they consider infections reported in the last 14 days to be a “power of attorney for active cases.” The state’s total number of active cases increased today by 2,654.

By island, Oahu has 31,535 active cases, the Big Island has 3,533, Maui has 4,479, Kauai has 1,830, Molokai has 241 and Lanai has 107.

Health authorities counted 14,529 new COVID-19 test results in today’s count, for a positivity rate of 26.67% throughout the state.

The state’s 7-day average number of infections is 3,439 and its seven-day average positivity is 20.6%, according to the Hawaii COVID-19 Data Dashboard.

The average seven-day number of cases for Oahu is 2509 and the seven-day average positivity is 21.8%, state health officials said today.

The latest Hawaii COVID-19 vaccine summary states that 2,600,110 vaccine doses have been administered through state and federal distribution programs as of today, up 18,501 as of Friday.

Health authorities say that 74.8% of the state’s population is now fully vaccinated, 80.5% have received at least one dose, and 27.9% have received a third dose.

Of all confirmed Hawaii infection cases, 5,376 have required hospitalization, with six new hospitalizations reported today.

In a tweet this morning, Lt. Gov. Josh Green’s number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized nationwide to 291, with 115 of them vaccinated. He also said that six of the admitted patients are keiki and there are 29 COVID-19 patients in intensive care units.

Thirty-one hospital admissions in the total number of states are residents of Hawaii who were diagnosed and treated outside the state. Of the 5,345 hospital admissions in the state, 4,080 have been on Oahu, 654 on Maui, 487 on the Big Island, 108 on Kauai, 11 on Molokai and five on Lanai.

According to the latest information from the department’s Hawaii COVID-19 Data dashboard, there were a total of 328 patients with the virus in Hawaii hospitals as of today, with 32 in intensive care units and 12 in respirators. There were 282 COVID-19 patients at Hawaii Hospital on Sunday.

Hawaii set a record for covid-19 hospital admissions with 473 patients hospitalized September 7, 2021.

This latest news story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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