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Guy manages to blame a free steak by letting his date rise

Valentine's Day can be a tough time if you are single. All post their cringeworthy boy done good & # 39; photos and it is impossible to get a reservation at a restaurant. However, there are opportunities to be had, as a guy demonstrated this year.

Stephen Bosner, a brave Maryland LAD, decided to use people's sympathy for his loneliness to his advantage and managed to get some free steak out of it. Sounds like a win for me. Well, like that.

If you're still confused, he basically ordered a table for two on Valentine's Day, stood up with his non-existent date, and then spat a free feed out of it at an Outback Steakhouse restaurant.

What makes this an even more ballistic movement is that he lives tweeted whole affair from start to finish.

His first tweet put out the stall. Bosner wondered, "If I went to Outback Steakhouse tonight and boarded for 2, then it became increasingly sad when the night went alone, do you think they would give me my steak for free?"

The grip was thrown down.

He then shared a picture of himself at the restaurant and added: "If you were wondering if I take this seriously … y & # 39; all I was wearing a jacket.

  Credit: Twitter / @ baconflavoring
Credit: Twitter / @ baconflavoring

After arriving at the restaurant he was told that there was waiting time. It represented an opportunity to see the seeds of the plan.

He replied: "Oh It's okay, this seems perfect – she said she drove a little late anyway. "Bosner continued the ruse by ordering his date for a glass of Chardonnay. Smart bastard.

Then he continued to sit alone and eat through two loaves of bread. He didn't fill up, mind.

  Credit: Twitter / @ baconflavoring
Credit: Twitter / @ baconflavoring

When the evening wore on, he had to order before the kitchen was closed Dramatically chugging his dating wine so the server could see, ha n ordered his steak.

The point of returning was not reached.

To sell the whole project, he then recorded a fake voicemail to his date – who he had arranged a name, Katherine, and a reset for – to check that nothing had happened to her.

He explained, "Katherine is a consultant at Deloitte, she lives in Arlington, therefore I chose this place. We met in the grocery store. We both went in the same bag of grated cheese. She seemed so excited about our Valentine's Day date." 19659021] Credit: Twitter / @ baconflavoring “/>
Credit: Twitter / @ baconflavoring

Finally, after more than a little crying (no, really) and a little further antics, a couple paid for his steak ! Was it really worth it? Who knows? Did he get a free meal out of it? Gradually.

Bosner added: "UPDATE: a couple in the bar paid for my meal for me.

" This mission?


  Credit: Twitter / @ baconflavoring
Credit: Twitter / @ baconflavoring

Success is a bit of a strong word for it. Sure, he got his free steak, but at what price?

Either way, not to be simply a dot that lurked some impressive couple out of cash, he donated $ 50 (about the price of a meal in that restaurant) to charity.

Inevitably – given that the whole issue was published on Twitter – the word was eventually filtered back to Outback Steakhouse. Amazingly, they did well and offered him another free meal!

The restaurant tweeted: "What about bringing a real date and the meal is on us? The love relationship is up to yourself. Send us a DM so we can make it happen."

The real quest begins now. He must find an actual date.

Recommended image Credit: Twitter / @ baconflavoring

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